weather pair work handout for ESL

The weather pair work speaking activity

Speaking about the weather pair work

Here is an engaging activity to get your students talking about the weather.

To conduct this activity make sure both students cannot see each other’s worksheets by using a book or something similar to hide them.

Firstly students must fill in the temperature circles of the cities that have a weather picture. This has been left blank so that you can choose to either do this activity using Celcius or Fahrenheit. Make sure they think about where the cities are and what the weather picture represents. They should try to give an accurate temperature for the region.

Once they have completed the first step they are ready to ask their partner about the weather in the cities with blank circles on their handout. For example student A may ask student B ” What is the weather like in Cairo today”.  Student B will respond with “Today it is raining in Cairo and the temperature is 30 degrees Celcius” (using the temperature they wrote).

There is no key for the weather pictures but they are easy to understand. They represent raining, windy, snowing, sunny, stormy, cloudy, and partly cloudy. Pre-teach these terms if need be and you can draw a key on the board if you think it is needed.


Follow up activity

Once students have completed the weather pair work activity see of they can name the 14 countries that the capital cities are from. They are Nuuk – Grrenland, London – England, Moscow – Russia, Washington D.C. – The U.S.A., Tokyo – Japan, Mexico City – Mexico, Cairo – Egypt, New Dehli – India, Hanoi – Vietnam, Jakarta – Indonesia, Brasilia – Brazil, Santiago – Chile, Cape Town – South Africa, and Canberra – Australia.

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