25 questions about corn

25 Popping questions about corn

Questions about corn

Corn or maize is one of the most important crops in the world. It’s used in a staggering amount of things, from fuel to medicine, and is an important part of modern civilization. Here are some interesting questions about corn for English conversation. How much do you know about corn?

For ELL and ESL students, the most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – products, ingredients, cob, silk, harvest, flour, spice, sauce, raw, individual, kernel, benefits, die off, and extinct.


The discussion questions about corn are –


1 – Do you like to eat corn or corn products? When was the last time that you ate corn?

2 – Does corn grow near your home? Have you ever tried to grow corn yourself?

3 – What is your favorite meal that has corn as one of the ingredients? Can you cook it?

4 – Have you ever been to or seen a corn farm? What does corn need to grow well?

5 – What is the best way to cook a cob of corn? How long does it take to cook?

6 – Which countries do you think produce the most corn? Why do you think so?

7 – Do you eat a lot of corn? How many times a week do you eat corn?

8 – What do you think it would be like to be a corn farmer in your country?

9 – How much does corn cost where you live? Do you think it is cheap or expensive?

10 – Have you ever made popcorn? Do you prefer your popcorn to taste sweet or salty?

11 – In which season does corn usually get harvested? How long does it take to grow?

12 – What would someone need to do if they wanted to make flour from corn?

13 – Which animals do you think like to eat corn? Have you ever fed corn to an animal?

14 – Have you ever tried any drinks made from corn? What were they called?

15 – Which kinds of meat and vegetables would you say go best with corn?

16 – What spices or sauces do you like to put on corn? Have you ever eaten raw corn?

17 – Besides being a food that we eat, how else is corn useful to the human race?

18 – Do you prefer corn chips or potato chips? What do you like to dip your corn chips in?

19 – Which foods are made from corn flour? Have you done any cooking with corn flour?

20 – How many individual kernels would you guess are on the average cob of corn?

21 – What kinds of health benefits can people get from eating corn?

22 – In what ways would the world change if all the corn died off and became extinct?

23 – How many different parts of a corn plant can you name in 30 seconds?

24 – Do you have corn in your home right now? Where do you keep it stored?

25 – How long do you think you can keep fresh corn in your refrigerator before it goes bad?

a large field of corn in summer

Interesting facts about corn

Here are some fun facts about corn that you can use to continue the conversation once you have completed discussing the questions about corn.

A cob of corn has on average around 800 kernels. There is also a corresponding silk for each kernel in the ear of the corn.

The largest producer of corn is The USA, followed by China, and then Brazil.

It takes from 60 to 100 days for corn to grow from seed to a harvestable crop.

Corn is used to make all manner of things, such as cosmetics, paper, plastics, soaps, and glues!

One of corn’s main uses is for animal feed.

Most of the corn grown in the USA is genetically modified to make it more resistant to pests.

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