25 salt conversation questions for ESL

25 salt conversation questions

Salt conversation questions

A free PDF of salt conversation questions for ESL speaking activities. Salt was so precious it was once the cause of wars and is the origin of the word salary. While it isn’t so highly valued today it is everywhere and plays a part in all our everyday lives.

Difficult terms to check with your students before starting this speaking activity include – reduce, intake, contain, nationality, consume, sort after, mine, bath, traditional, religious, superstitious, currency, shaker, and pinch.


The salt conversation questions are –


1 – How many kilograms or pounds of salt do you think you eat each year?

2 – Do you like salty foods? What are your favorite salty foods?

3 – What is a food you would never put salt on?

4 – What is the best food to put a lot of salt on?

5 – Where does salt come from? How does it get to your dining table?

6 – How much does a kilogram of salt cost where you live?

7 – Is too much salt bad for your health? In what ways?

8 – Have you ever tried to reduce your salt intake? What did you do?

9 – What foods do you think contain a lot of salt?

10 – Why do people put salt in food? How was salt used in the past?

11 – Have you ever tried a salty kind of drink? What was it and how did it taste?

12 – Do you prefer swimming in saltwater or freshwater?

13 – Which nationality do you think consumes the most salt?

14 – What kind of salt do you usually buy?

15 – In ancient times salt was a highly sought-after product. Why do you think it was?

16 – Where in your home country is salt produced?

17 – Have you ever seen a salt farm or a salt mine?

18 – Do you ever worry about where your salt comes from?

19 – What is the strangest salt eating habit you have ever seen?

20 – Have you ever had a soak in bath salts? Why did you do it and how did you feel?

21 – Do you like any kinds of salted vegetables? Which ones?

22 – Do you know any traditional, religious, or superstitious customs about salt?

23 – Besides food and eating, what are some other good uses for salt?

24 – Salt was once a form of currency, would you like to be paid in salt now?

25 – Do you like to use a salt shaker or do you prefer to pinch it with your fingers?

a person walking around salt ponds in Peru
Salt Idioms

Here are some interesting salt idioms you can go over with your class once they have completed the salt conversation questions.

If you take information with a grain of salt, you don’t believe it and it probably isn’t true.

If you say someone is the salt of the earth, you are saying they are an extremely good and genuine person.

If you rub salt into one’s wounds, you make a sad or painful situation worse for that person.

If you are worth your salt you are good at your job and deserve to be respected for that.


For a more in-depth look at these expressions and more check out the salt idioms page. There you will find meanings, example sentences using idioms, and some interesting history.

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