ufo conversation questions for ESL

25 UFO conversation questions

UFO conversation questions

This is an interesting topic for teenage and adult students. It is all about strange things seen in the sky and things that may exist in space.

There are some challenging words you may want to review before discussing this worksheet, they include – reasonable, explanation, military, based, phenomena, sighting, saucer, crop circle, cover-up, illusion, and solar system

The UFO conversation questions are –


Do you believe some UFOs could be spaceships from another galaxy?

What does UFO stand for?

Have you ever seen anything strange in the sky? What did you see?

What do you think are some reasonable explanations for UFOs?

If a UFO landed in your back garden, what would you do?

Do you think some military have the secret technology of flying vehicles?

If a friend told you they saw a UFO, would you believe them?

Do you know of any places that are famous for UFOs?

When do you think humans will have the technology to fly to another galaxy?

If UFOs were aliens based on earth, where would they hide?

Do you think that governments keep information about UFOs secret? Why?

What do you think most UFOs look like? How do they move in the sky?

If UFOs came from a distant planet, what reason would they have to visit earth?

Have you heard any UFO stories from your home country? What were they?

What natural phenomena can cause UFO sightings?

Why are UFOs sometimes called flying saucers?

For what reasons would someone make a fake UFO photograph or movie?

If you saw a UFO would you tell everyone about it or keep it to yourself?

Some people believe UFOs create crop circles, what do you think of this?

What do you think of stories about men in black who cover up UFOs?

How could UFOs be dangerous to human civilization?

Why does earth send want to send spacecraft to other planets?

What kind of weather could create the illusion of a UFO?

Do you think that UFOs could come from our solar system? Which planet?

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