compound nouns list

Massive 1100+ compound nouns list

Compound nouns lists

Here we have a massive 1100+ compound nouns list broken up into 3 separate tables. The words have also been arranged in alphabetical order so that its is somewhat easier to navigate and use.

The list is great for creating your own activities based on English compound nouns. The list is in no way comprehensive and the plan is to add more words in the future. Note that the list contains all three types of compound nouns – open, closed, and hyphenated.

There are so many words that it just didn’t seem practical to offer them as downloadable PDF’s. You can of course right click, copy, and paste the words onto a blank document if you feel the need to save them! There may be a few small mistakes here and there but I’ll get those cleaned up as soon as possible.

For some printable compound noun activities check out the ready made compound noun worksheets.

Compound nouns list A to F

aboveboard address book afterbirth afterburner
afterglow afterimage afterlife aftermath
afternoon air conditioner air raid airbrush
aircraft airfield airlift airline
airliner airmail airman airmen
airplane airport airship airtime
alarm clock allover allspice alongside
also another anybody anyhow
anymore anyone anyplace anything
anytime anyway anywhere armchair
armpit around arrowhead ashtray
assembly line authorship babysitter baby-sitter
backache backbite backbone backbreaker
backdrop backfield backfire background
backhand backlash backlog backpack
back-seat driver backside backslap backslide
backspace backspin backstage backstop
backstretch backstroke backtrack backward
ballpark ballroom bandwagon bank account
bankbook banknote bankroll barman
baseball basketball bathroom beachcomb
became because become bedbug
bedclothes bedrock bedroll bedroom
bedspread bedtime bellbottom bellboy
bellhop below billboard bird of prey
blackball blackberries blackbird blackboard
blackjack blacklist blackmail blackout
blacksmith blacktop blood donor bluebell
blueberry bluebird bluefish bluegrass
blueprint boardwalk bodyguard bodywork
boldface book token bookbinder bookcase
bookend bookkeeper booklet bookmark
bookmobile bookseller bookshelf bookstore
bookworm bootstrap bother-in-law bowtie
brainchild brainstorm brainwash bride-to-be
bring-and-buy sale bug spray bulldog bullfight
burglar alarm bus stop buttercup butterfat
butterfingers butterflies buttermilk butternut
butterscotch bypass cabdriver can opener
cancan candid candlelight candlestick
cannot car park cardboard cardsharp
carefree caretaker careworn carfare
cargo carhop carload carpetbagger
carpool carport carrack carryall
carsick cartwheel carwash catfish
cattail caveman center cut chairman
cheapskate checkup cheeseburger cheesecake
chopstick clockwise clockwork clotheshorse
clothesline coffeemaker comeback comedown
come-on commonplace commonwealth compact disc
comrade in arms contact lens copycat copyright
cornball cornerstone cornmeal cornstalk
cottonmouth cottontail cottonwood countdown
counterattack counterbalance counterclockwise counterintelligence
countermeasure counteroffensive counterpane counterpart
counterpoint counterpoise countryside courthouse
courtroom courtyard cover-up cowboy
crackdown credit card crewcut crossbow
crossbreed crosscut crossover crossroad
crosstown crosswalk crossword cutback
dairymaid daisywheel daybed daybook
daybreak daydream daylight daytime
dead-end deadline deadlock dining room
dishcloth dishpan dishwasher dishwater
disk drive dogwood doorbell doorstop
downbeat downfall downpour down under
drawback drawbridge drawing pin dressmaker
driveway driving license drugstore drumstick
duckbill duckpin earache eardrop
eardrum earphone earring earthbound
earthquake earthward earthworm earwig
egghead eggshell elsewhere estate agent
everything eyeballs eye-catching eyeglasses
eyelash eyelid eyesight eyewitness
fairy tale farmhouse fatherhood fatherland
fatherless feedback film star fingernail
fingerprint fire engine firearm fireball
fireboat firebomb firebox firebreak
firecracker firefighter fireflies firefly
firehouse fireproof firewater firewood
fireworks fishbowl fisherman fisheye
fishhook fishlike fishmonger fishnet
fishpond fishtail floodlight football
foothill foothold footlights footlocker
footnote footpath