compound noun worksheets with pictures

4 compound noun worksheets

Picture compound noun worksheets

In these handouts, students must write the word underneath each picture to create the compound nouns. They are fairly easy but do help your class if the task is a little difficult for them. Also, make sure afterwards that they are familiar with the meaning of the resulting compound nouns.

The answers for sheet 1 above from left to right are – butterfly, earring, pancake, lighthouse, sunflower, sealion, football, sandcastle, catfish, and cowboy.

What is a compound noun?

A compound noun is simply a noun formed by joining 2 or more other words together. They can include combinations of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions.

There are 3 forms of compound nouns – closed, hyphenated, and open. The closed for is a single word such as football (foot+ball). Hyphenated of course contain a hyphen like son-in-law. Open compound nouns have a space between the words such as bus stop.

As a general rule, the first word is stressed in the pronunciation of compound nouns.

Sheet 2 answers

Bus stop, toothbrush, rainbow, bulldog, eggplant, fireman, fish bowl, cookbook, armchair, and drumstick.

Sheet 3 answers

Film/movie star, grapefruit, footprint, earphone, raincoat, brainstorm, eyeball, honeymoon, teapot and bathroom.

Sheet 4 answers

Keyboard, bookworm, penknife, hotdog, handbag, sunglasses, spaceship, saltwater, wheelchair and timetable.

Follow-up activity

After these compound noun worksheets are completed a good follow-up is to play a game of pictionary. To do this break the class up into small teams. and give each team a different list of compound nouns.

Taking turns 1 person should come to the front of the class and draw the words on the board. For example if the word was water bottle, the student would draw water, the sea or something similar and a bottle. The first team to guess the word gets a point. It can be a lot of fun as students drawings often create laughter!

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