emotions vocabulary worksheet for ESL

Interesting emotions vocabulary worksheets

Emotions vocabulary worksheets

Here are some emotions vocabulary worksheets that are in a variety of difficulty levels. There are also a couple of emotions drawing worksheets that are a lot of fun for your classes.

If some of the vocabulary is too difficult for your students, describe things that make most people feel that way. You can also just show them your own facial expression for the emotions!

Once your class has completed them, it is a good idea to ask them what things make them feel each emotion. Ask them questions such as “What makes you feel angry” or “What food makes you feel ill”. Also, ask about their friends and family with questions such as ” Which emotions does your father most have?” or ” Which emotion describes your best friend?”.

The answers for the above worksheet should be –

Happy – Scared – Sleepy – Good

Exhausted – Sad – Sick – Cheeky

Naughty – Surprised – Angry – Bored

Relaxed – In Love – Silly – Worried


Vocabulary about emotions worksheet

A monkey-themed emotions worksheet with 12 different feelings to match.

The answers are –

Annoyed – Surprised – Ill – Tired

Bored – Angry – Worried – Thoughtful

Stupid – Shy – Greedy – Good

English emotions vocabulary for beginners

An easy worksheet for children and beginners with giraffe facial expressions.

The 9 pictures represent –

Tired – Angry – Sick

Sad – In Love – Silly

Happy – Scared – Naughty


Emotions drawing activity

For this activity, students are to draw emotions on blank faces and write what they are. There are no suggested feelings so that the teacher can suggest or use what is being taught in his or her class at the time.

Depending on your class, give them vocabulary options that they are learning. Afterward, get students to compare their drawings, it is usually quite a good laugh!

Emotions drawing worksheet 2

This handout is the same as the one above although it has 6 emotions to draw and different style faces.

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