25 conversation questions about motorcycles

25 Conversation questions about motorcycles

Conversation questions about motorcycles

The motorcycle is an ingenious machine that helps us move around. This can happen at super-fast speeds or by slowly rolling around at leisure. They can cover many kinds of terrain and can be ridden in different weather conditions. These motorbike questions are great for an in-depth conversation with people who like or own one.

For ESL learners, the most difficult terms in this speaking exercise are – license, safety equipment, brand, distance, natural, involved, accident, remote, helmet, passenger, flat tire/tyre, trail, route, and thieves.


The discussion questions about motorcycles are –


1 – When was the last time you saw a motorcycle? What did it look like?

2 – How do you feel about motorcycles? Are you able to ride a motorbike well?

3 – If you could buy any motorbike tomorrow, what motorbike would you buy and why?

4 – What is the most interesting thing that you have ever done on a motorcycle?

5 – What does a person need to do to get a motorcycle license where you live?

6 – Have you ever been to a motorbike race? Where was it and who won the race?

7 – What kind of safety equipment do motorcycle riders wear? What do you own?

8 – Which country or brand do you think makes the best motorcycles in the world?

9 – What is the longest distance that you think you could ride a motorcycle in one day?

10 – In what ways are motorcycles better for the natural environment than cars?

11 – What is the best season for motorbike riding where you live? Why is it the best?

12 – Have you ever seen or been involved in a motorcycle accident? What happened?

13 – What is the fastest speed that you have ever ridden on a motorcycle?

14 – Are there any motorbike gangs in your country? What do people think about them?

15 – What is the most number of people you have seen riding on one motorbike?

16 – How often would you change the oil in a motorcycle? When would you change tires?

17 – Where is a country that you like to visit for a motorbike trip? Why this country?

18 – Is it expensive to fix motorbikes where you live? Are parts easy to find?

19 – What would you do if your motorcycle broke down in a remote area with no shops?

20 – Must motorbike riders wear helmets in your town? Must they be worn on bicycles?

21 – How do you feel riding as a passenger on a motorbike? Have you ever been scared?

22 – What do you think is a good age for kids and younger people to learn how to ride?

23 – Would you be able to fix a flat motorbike tire if you got one? How would you do it?

24 – What is a famous motorcycle trail or route that you know of? Why is it famous?

25 – Where do or would you park a motorbike at your home? Is it safe from thieves?

a motorcycle with a sidecar
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