25 safety conversation questions

25 safety conversation questions

Safety conversation questions

Everybody wants to stay safe from harm and danger. This makes it an interesting discussion topic that is best suited to older teens and adults. You can use these safety discussion questions for a speaking activity and find out just how safe your class or group thinks they are.

There are a few difficult words for ESL learners in this exercise. They include – fear, regulations, equipment, protect, life jacket, helmet, health standards, accident, regret, concern, hazard, ear muffs, fire extinguisher, burglary, intruder, and advice.


The safety conversation questions are –


1 – What types of safety do you think about most?

2 – When was the last time that you were worried about your safety? What happened?

3 – Have you ever feared for someone else’s safety? What were they doing at the time?

4 – Does your country have many safety regulations? Should the be more or fewer rules?

5 – What kinds of safety equipment do you own? When do you use these things?

6 – Is your home safe for young children? What safety devices are in your home?

7 – How do you keep your money safe? Where do you put it if you swim at the beach?

8 – Have you ever worn gloves to protect your hands? Why did you need gloves?

9 – Do you worry about safety on the internet? Where do you keep your passwords?

10 – Is safety a problem in your neighborhood? Do people walk around late at night?

11 – Have you ever worn a life jacket? Why did you wear it? Did you go in the water?

12 – For what sports and activities do you need to have a lot of safety equipment?

13 – In Australia, you must wear a helmet to ride a bicycle. Do you agree with this law?

14 – Which countries are currently not safe for travelers? Why aren’t they safe?

15 – What did or have you learned about safety and danger from your school?

16 – Do all the restaurants where you live have to meet health and safety standards?

17 – What are some good safety tips about electricity that should be taught to kids?

18 – Have you ever had an accident and regretted not using some kind of safety gear?

19 – Do you often think about safety and danger? What is your biggest safety concern?

20 – Have you ever not bought or eaten food because you thought it wasn’t safe?

21 – Are the roads safe to drive on where you live? What are some road hazards?

22 – When should people wear safety glasses? When is a good time to wear earmuffs?

23 – Do you own a fire extinguisher? What are some smart fire safety rules to follow?

24 – Is your house or apartment safe from burglary and intruders? Why or why not?

25 – What safety advice would give somebody who was coming to visit your country?

a person abseiling a cliff with safety gear

Safety idioms

Introduce and discuss these idioms once you have completed the safety conversation questions. See if your group can make example sentences using these expressions.

Something that is as safe as houses is considered to be very safe.

A person who has a safe pair of hands can be relied on to do something well.

If you are safe and sound, you are healthy and uninjured.

A person or thing that is wrapped in cotton wool is very well protected and very safe from harm.

The phrase safety in numbers means that you are much safer if you have a larger group and are not alone.

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