25 cars conversation questions

25 cool cars conversation questions

Cars conversation questions

Since their invention cars have become an integral part of society. In developed countries, most people own one, and around the world, just about everybody wants one. They have also more recently become quite a hot topic due to technological advancements and government stances on green energy.

These cars discussion questions are a great way to get people talking about cars and how they feel about them. The most difficult terms in this speaking activity include – vintage, brand, model, break down, manufacture, hybrid, car parts, social status, particularly, insurance, register (registration), personalized number plate, break into, manual, automatic, and regulations.


The cars conversation questions are –


1 – If you could have any kind of car in the world what would it be and why?

2 – What do you think are the best and worst colors for a car to be painted?

3 – Have you ever been to a car show? What did you see there and did you enjoy it?

4 – Do you prefer new modern cars or old vintage ones? In what ways are they different?

5 – Have you ever had to sleep in a car? Where were you and was it comfortable?

6 – How many kinds of car brands and car models can you name in 1 minute?

7 – What is the fastest that you have ever traveled in a car? Were you afraid at all?

8 – Do you believe that one day there will be flying cars? In what year will it happen?

9 – Do you know anything about fixing cars? What would you do if your car broke down?

10 – Which country do you think manufactures the best cars and vehicles?

11 – How much does a cheap new car cost where you live? How about a secondhand car?

12 – What do you think about electrically powered cars like Teslas and other hybrid cars?

13 – Have you ever had to buy car parts? What did you buy and where did you buy them?

14 – Do you judge people and their social status by the kind of car they drive? Why?

15 – Is there a kind of car that you find particularly ugly and never want to own?

16 – How many kilometers or miles do you get from a litre or gallon of fuel from your car?

17 – What would you say is the most commonly driven kind of car where you live?

18 – Do you have car insurance? How much does it cost to register your car each year?

19 – What do you think of personalized number plates? What number plate would you like?

20 – Have you ever lost your car keys or locked them inside your car? What did you do?

21 – Has your car ever been broken into? What kind of security does your car have?

22 – What is the difference between manual and automatic cars? Which do you prefer?

23 – Have you ever hit or run over an animal in your car? How did you react?

24 – What are some regulations and laws about driving cars in your country?

25 – If you could design your own car, what would it be called and what features would it have?

a car driving under a fallen boulder

Car Idioms

Once you have completed the cars conversation questions, try introducing a few of these interesting related idioms to your class. Are there similar idioms in their culture? See if they can use them correctly in sentences to demonstrate that they fully understand their meanings.

A fender bender is a small car crash where nobody gets hurt and there is only a little damage to the car. The word prang is another way to say car accident.

If a person accelerates and drives as fast as they can, we can say that they have put the pedal to the metal. This refers to pushing down the acceleration pedal of a car as much as possible.

If a person buys a car that turns out to have many problems and is not nearly worth what was paid for it it can be called a lemon.

An old car in bad condition and appearance is often referred to as an old banger.

For further idioms check out the idioms about speed.

an expensive sports car in London

Further activities

Here are a couple of ideas you may like to try as follow-up activities after finishing the cars discussion questions.

  • Writing tasks. You can get your class to write about their dream car. They can describe what it looks like, what accessories it has, and where and how they would like to drive it. You can also give them writing prompts about things like car accidents, car racing, and road trips.
  • Design a car. This can be either a writing task a drawing task or both. Students are to design a new kind of car that is different from the cars that exist in today’s world. This can be a very creative task with very few rules where students can let their imaginations run wild.
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