25 trees conversation questions

25 interesting trees conversation questions

Trees conversation questions

Trees are not only essential to life on Earth but also are beautiful living things that can enhance our happiness and quality of life. You can use these discussion questions about trees for an interesting speaking activity with your class or group.

The most difficult terms in this exercise include – logging deforestation, mankind, produce, bark, fall over, surrounded, prune, and dispute.


The trees conversation questions are –

1 – What are 5 words that you think of when you hear the word tree?

2 – Are there many trees where you are living now? What kinds of trees are there?

3 – Have you ever climbed a tree? How high up did you climb?

4 – What is your favorite kind of tree? Why do you like it so much?

5 – Have you ever cut down a tree? Why did you cut it down and how did you do it?

6 – Which countries in the world do you think have a lot of trees? Why do you think so?

7 – How many trees have you planted in your lifetime? How big have they grown?

8 – Have you ever been somewhere that had very few or no trees? How did you feel?

9 – Are logging and deforestation a problem in your country? Why is it happening?

10 – What things do trees need to grow well? What weather is bad for trees?

11 – How tall was the biggest tree that you have ever seen? Where did you see it?

12 – What things would happen if there were no trees left in your country?

13 – Besides birds, what other kinds of animals need to live in trees?

14 – How old do you think trees can get? How old was the oldest tree you have seen?

15 – Would you like to live in a tree house? Do you think you could build one?

16 – In what ways are trees useful to mankind? How do they help the environment?

17 – What kinds of trees do you think produce the most beautiful wood?

18 – Are there any fruit trees near your home? What types of fruit grow on them?

19 – Have you ever used the leaves or bark from a tree to make tea or medicine?

20 – Do you like camping or hiking in the forest? Where is a good place to do this?

21 – Have you ever seen a tree fall over during a storm? What happened?

22 – Do you believe there will be more or fewer trees on earth 100 years from now?

23 – Would you be happier living surrounded by trees or surrounded by houses?

24 – What are some reasons for people to prune trees? Have you ever pruned a tree?

25 – Have you had or seen a dispute about a tree? What was the problem?

dragon trees from the canary islands

Tree idioms

Here are some fun idioms to introduce and discuss once you have completed the trees conversation questions.

A person who can’t see the wood from the trees is too focused on small things to see the bigger picture and doesn’t really understand the situation and its real importance.

If you are off your tree or out of your tree, you are crazy or intoxicated.

When a person says that something doesn’t grow on trees they are saying that it is not easy to come by or get. It is often said as money doesn’t grow on trees.

If you are barking up the wrong tree,  you are either doing something incorrectly, misunderstanding, or making the wrong choice.

a view up into a tree canopy
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