25 conversation questions about predictions

25 Fun conversation questions about predictions

Conversation questions about predictions

Predictions are all about forecasting and guessing about the future. You don’t need to believe in soothsayers to take part in this conversation, we make simple predictions all the time in our everyday lives. You can use these predictions conversation questions for an interesting chat with your students and colleagues.

For English language learners, this topic is the perfect opportunity to practice speaking in the future tense. The most challenging terms in this activity include – fortune teller, stock market, chance, involve, doomsday prepper, catastrophe, lottery tickets, positive, horoscope, predictable, crystal ball, and bother.

The conversation questions about predictions are –


1 – What is the last prediction that you made?

2 – What do you predict that the weather will be like tomorrow? Why do you think so?

3 – Have you ever been to see a fortune teller? What did they say about your future?

4 – What are some different ways that fortune tellers use to predict the future?

5 – What information would you want to know to make a prediction about a horse race?

6 – How do you think that people make predictions about money and the stock market?

7 – Which games of chance do you think are the most difficult to make predictions in?

8 – Would you like to know the age that you will live to? Why or why not?

9 – What would be the most useful thing about being able to predict the future?

10 – Which jobs involve making predictions? How are these predictions made?

11- What is something that you predict will happen to you in the next year? Why?

12 – How do you feel about doomsday preppers and people who predict catastrophes?

13 – Do you ever buy lottery tickets? What do you think your chances of winning are?

14 – What would you say is the most unpredictable thing in your life right now?

15 – How do you predict your hometown will change in the future? Is this good or bad?

16 – Do you know anybody who has made an interesting prediction that came true?

17 – What is the most positive prediction that you have heard in recent times?

18 – What is a prediction that you really wanted to happen but did not? Why didn’t it?

19 – Do you believe in horoscopes or anything similar that claims to predict the future?

20 – Who is a very predictable person that you know? What about them can you predict?

21 – What is something that you will never try to predict? Why not?

22 – Can you make a prediction about your best friend’s life? What will happen and why?

23 – What do you predict the world will be like in 1000 years time from now?

24 – If you could look into a crystal ball and see the future, what would you look for?

25 – What is something that you find too predictable? Why does it bother you?

runes used to make predictions

Further activities

Here are some further ideas you can try once you have completed the predictions discussion questions.

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