ESL prepositions drawing worksheet pair work

ESL prepositions drawing worksheets

ESL prepositions drawing

These easy-to-use handouts are a fantastic activity for ESL learners. They get students to practice prepositions of place while both speaking and listening.

Make sure students are familiar with these prepositions before starting the activity – under, between, above, on, in, one the right, on the left, below, and behind.

The class also needs knowledge of these basic nouns – rain, cloud, rainbow, mountain, sun, house, leaves, tree, bird, chicken, sheep, butterfly fire, fish, fishing pole, person, hat, water, and dog.

You need both worksheets to do the exercise, the student A worksheet above and the student B worksheet below. Student A should listen to the instructions and draw the objects in the correct places. Student B should read the instructions.

It is best to cut the answer key out and give it to students once they are finished so they can check and compare their drawings. Otherwise students may just copy it if they can see it.

Also, ask the pairs to sit opposite each other or in a way that students a cannot read the instructions and they are forced to speak and listen.

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For a more challenging activity try the ESL drawing activities worksheets which are also pair work. They also involve giving directions on how to draw a picture except there are no instructions. When using these worksheets students must think of the instructions and correct prepositions themselves so it is much more difficult.

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