fast food conversation questions for ESL

25 fast food conversation questions

Fast food conversation questions worksheet

Discussion questions on the topic of fast food for ESL. Difficult terms and phrases to teach your class before starting this activity include – meaning, delicious, chain restaurant, deliver, complain, design, tasty, topping (pizza),  and stadium.

The fast food conversation questions are –

What do you think is the most delicious fast food? Where does it come from?

How many times a week do you eat fast food?

Which fast food chain restaurants do you like the most? How much is a meal?

Are there any kinds of fast food that you don’t enjoy eating? What are they?

Is fast food actually fast in your country?

How long does it take to get a pizza in a restaurant? How about delivered?

Do you worry about your health when you eat fatty food?

Which fast food is the fastest? How long does it take to be made?

Have you ever complained or sent fast food back? What happened?

If you were to design your own burger, what would be on it?

What do you think are the top 3 countries in the world to get tasty fast food?

What kinds of fast food do you know how to cook?

If you were to order 3 pizzas, what would the toppings be?

What fast foods are served in sports stadiums in your country?

What are the best things to put on a hotdog?

How do you like your chips/french fries cooked? What do you put on them?

Which fast food is the most unhealthy? Why do you think so?

Which fast food restaurant do you live closest to? Do you go there?

Are there any healthy fast foods? What are they?

Do you think a hamburger in America is different from a hamburger in Japan?

What do you like to drink when you eat fast food?

How many fast foods can you name in 30 seconds?

What is the difference between junk food and fast food?

What is the craziest fast food you have ever heard of?

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Fast food idioms

The big cheese is the boss or a very important person.

If you are on the gravy train you getting lots of money for not a lot of work.

Giving someone a knuckle sandwich means punching them.

If you take something with a pinch of salt, you don’t really belive it.

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