Japan conversation questions for ESL

25 Japan conversation questions

Japan conversation questions

The land of the Rising Sun is a fascinating country to most people. Use this free discussion worksheet about Japan to get your class talking and find out what they know about Japan.

Difficult words to consider pre-teaching before starting this speaking activity include – culture, landmark, cuisine, products, manufacture, behave, disaster, typical, and iconic.

The Japan conversation questions are –

In what ways is Japan different from your home country?

What interests you most about Japanese culture?

Do you know any famous landmarks in Japan? What are they?

What do you think of Japanese cuisine? Which dishes do you like to eat?

If you had 1 week in Japan, where would you go and what would you do?

What kinds of products do you buy that are made in Japan?

What kinds of high-quality products does Japan manufacture?

Have you read or heard anything about Japan in the news recently? What was it?

In what ways would you behave differently if you went to live in Japan?

What do you think most Japanese people like to do in their free time?

Who is the most famous Japanese person you can think of?

What kinds of natural disasters does Japan experience?

How was Japan different 300 years ago?

What do you think of cosplay? Do you know anybody who does it?

What kinds of drinks do you think are popular in Japan?

What do you think a typical Japanese person is like?

Have you ever met a Japanese person? What questions did you ask them?

What kinds of animals live in Japan?

What would be the best time of year to visit Japan? Why do you think so?

Do you know any Japanese language? What can you say?

Have you ever tried singing karaoke? What did you think of it?

What things do you know about Japanese history?

Have you ever visited a Japanese garden? What was it like?

What do you think is the most iconic thing about Japan?

traditional japanese building in the countryside
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