conversation questions about stress for ESL

25 conversation questions about stress

Conversation questions about stress

Stress is something we all experience and your students, friends, and family will have no problems relating to these discussion questions.

There are a few complex words as well as synonyms relating to stress on this free worksheet. Be sure to go over these terms with any ESL classes before starting the speaking activity – physical, affect, behave, pressure, sleeping pattern, tense, laid-back, modern, chilled out, overwhelmed, situations, source, and stress-free.


The conversation questions about stress are –


1 – How would you define the word and feeling of stress? What things do you associate with stress?

2 – What kind of things cause you stress?

3 – How can a lot of stress affect your physical health?

4 – What are some good ways to reduce stress? What works best for you?

5 – What kinds of jobs do you think are the most stressful?

6 – How do you behave when you are under a lot of pressure?

7 – Who are you most likely to talk to when you are worried about something?

8 – Does feeling stress change the way you eat? How?

9 – What sort of music do you listen to when you want to relax?

10 – How can stress affect your sleeping patterns?

11 – What do you think is the most laid-back job in the world?

12 – What are some bad or unhealthy ways to relieve stress?

13 – Does reading or watching the news cause you concern?

14 – What was the last thing that made you feel very stressed?

15 – Do you ever go for a massage, spa, or sauna when you are stressed?

16 – Is modern technology stressful or does it help you unwind?

17 – How do you help others when they feel highly stressed?

18 – Where is your favorite place to be when you feel stressed?

19 – If you feel upset or overwhelmed, do you prefer to be alone or with friends?

20 – Who is the most chilled-out person in your family?

21 – What situations such as job interviews or public speaking make you feel tense?

22 – Which is the biggest source of your stress – money, family, or work/school?

23 – Do you think you will be more relaxed when you are older? Why do you think so?

24 – How could you live a stress-free life? What things would you need?

25 – Do you agree that a little bit of stress is good for people? In what ways?

a woman feeling stressed about business
Stress idioms and phrases

Here are some interesting English expressions related to stress to share with your students –

If you have a lot on your plate then you have many things on your mind or are very busy.

To be at the end of your rope is to be nearly out of patience and have had enough of something.

If someone is very stressed they may say they feel like tearing their hair out or that their head is about to explode.

relaxing environment to reduce stress
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