phone conversation questions for ESL

25 interesting phone conversation questions

Phone conversation questions

Discussion questions about phones and people’s phone habits. Before starting this exercise, make sure your class is familiar with these words – make (noun), model, broken, annoy, accidentally, public, rude, behaviour, situation, law, and accessories.

The phone conversation questions are –

What make and model phone do you have? Are you happy with this phone?

How many text messages do you send each day?

Which apps do you use the most? What app would you like to invent?

Have you ever broken a phone? How did you do it?

What do you think phones will be like in 20 years’ time from now?

Do you remember the first phone you ever had? What was it?

What things annoy you most about mobile phones?

How much do you spend on phone calls and data each month?

Would you be able to live your life without a phone? Why or why not?

What would you do if you accidentally dropped your phone in a public toilet?

Which new cellphone would you most like to buy? How much does it cost?

Have you ever lost or had your phone stolen? How did it happen?

In what ways can mobile phones be dangerous? What things can happen?

How do you feel about people using phones on airplanes?

What do you think is rude phone behaviour?

Are there any places or situations where people shouldn’t use phones?

Do you think mobile phones have made people’s lives better or worse?

Are there any laws about mobile phones in your country?

How old do you think a child should be before they get a mobile phone?

Have you ever asked someone to stop using their phone? Why?

Do you own any phone accessories? What are they?

Who do you call the most? Who calls you the most?

Which is most useful – a camera, a calculator, a flashlight, or a clock?

Are there any brands of mobile phones that you don’t like? Why so?

people using mobile phones in a cafe
Phone idioms and phrases

To hold the phone is to wait, this doesn’t have to be in a situation where you are actually using a phone.

There are many expressions to ask some to call you such as – give me a shout, give me a buzz, or drop me a line.

A person who calls the shots is the leader or is in charge of a situation or event.

If you hear or feel the call of nature you need to use the bathroom.

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