25 flying conversation questions

25 flying conversation questions

Flying conversation questions

25 discussion questions for the ESL classroom on the subject of air travel.

Difficult words on this worksheet include – baggage, refuse, canceled, delayed, takeoff, land, nervous, annoying, and pass (time).

The flying conversation questions –

Where do you prefer to sit on a plane?

Who do you like traveling with?

What airlines have you flown with? Which one was best?

Do you get scared or nervous on planes?

What is the longest flight you’ve ever taken?

Would you like to be a pilot?

Have you ever met an annoying person during a flight?

What do you think of airline food?

What things can’t you take on a plane?

Can you sleep on planes?

What things do you do to pass time on plane flights?

How early do you go to the airport before a flight?

What things do you take on flights?

What 3 words would you use to describe planes?

Have you experienced turbulence? How did you feel?

Do you think flying is safer than driving?

Have you ever had your flight cancelled or delayed?

Do you enjoy takeoff and landing?

How far is the nearest airport from your home?

Are there any airlines you refuse to fly with? Why?

What movies have you seen about airplanes?

What do you usually buy at airports?

How much baggage do you take with you when flying?

Have you ever lost your baggage or had something broken?

airplane taking off for flying
Flying Idioms

There are some interesting flying idioms and English expressions that you may want to introduce to your students, here are a few –

If you are flying blind you are in a situation or are doing something without any help or guidance. You are simply relying on your instincts and good luck to get you through. Think of a pilot flying through thick fog or clouds and you get the idea behind this idiom.

If a person is fly by night, this means they are unreliable or even dishonest. In the business world, such a person has no scruples with not paying debts and is financially irresponsible.

A high-flying person is very successful in business or their career. It can also be used to describe someone who is highly likely to be successful or very ambitious.



view from a plane wing flying in bad weather
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