25 numbers conversation questions

25 numbers conversation questions

Numbers conversation questions

Numbers, we are surrounded by them both in daily life and in nature. These numbers conversation questions can be used at just about any time for a fun English discussion activity.

The most difficult terms on this speaking worksheet include – storey, lottery, culture, numerology, currency, prime numbers, ordinal numbers, and stranger (noun).

The numbers conversation questions are –

Do you have a lucky number? What is your favourite number and why?

What number house or apartment do you live at? which storey do you live on?

What numbers do you keep in your memory? What are these numbers about?

Are you good with numbers? Did you enjoy studying math at school?

What kinds of games do you know of that are all about numbers?

Do you ever buy lottery tickets? Do you pick the numbers by yourself?

Are there numbers in your culture that have special meanings? What do they mean?

What is the last number that you used today? Why did you use it?

What do you think about numerology? Have you ever tried it? What did it say?

On which day and year were you born? In which year did you start going to school?

Did you choose your own telephone number? What numbers are in it that you like?

What numbers does your home country’s currency come in?

What numbers can you see in the room you are sitting in right now?

Are there any numbers that you often check or things that you measure? Why?

Do you answer phone calls that come from unknown numbers? Why or why not?

What is the number of people living in your town or city? How about your country?

Are there any numbers that you think are unlucky? How do you try to avoid them?

How many kilometers or miles have you walked today? Where did you go?

What kinds of jobs require people to work with numbers? Would you like this work?

Do you know what prime numbers and ordinal numbers are? Can you explain them?

What is a number that you would never tell a stranger? Why not?

Do you think that any special numbers are powerful? Why do you think so?

Can you count in any other languages? How did you learn these numbers?

What is your favourite song about numbers? Who wrote or performs the music?

numbers game from Russia

Idioms about numbers

There are a huge amount of English idioms that use or contain numbers. Here are a few that use the word number. You can discuss or introduce these once your class has completed the numbers conversation questions.

If you crunch the numbers, you do the math on something. More often than not this saying is used in relation to money.

In the UK and Australia, a very easy job can be described as a cushy number.

A person or thing whose days are numbered will not live or last much longer.

To do a number on someone means to either cheat or hurt them.

Somebody who looks out for number one only takes care of themself and doesn’t think about others.

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