25 gardening conversation questions

25 gardening conversation questions

Gardening conversation questions

Are your students into horticulture? Find out with these interesting questions on the topic of gardening. Even if most the class doesn’t have a green thumb, they will still enjoy asking and answering these questions.

There is also a related gardening objects vocabulary worksheet that compliments this speaking activity.

Questions about gardening

1 – Have you ever grown any fruit or vegetables? Which kinds?

2 – Does your home have a garden? What is growing in it?

3 – Do you have any plants in your house? Where are they?

4 – What plants grow well in your area?

5 – Is your hometown famous for any fruit or vegetables?

6 – How many flowers and trees can you name in English?

7 – What is your favorite kind of plant?

8 – What is the national plant or flower of your country?

9 – What tools do you need to do gardening?

10 – Would you like to work as a gardener?

11 – Are your parents or grandparents good at gardening?

12 – Have you ever picked fruit or harvested vegetables?

13 – Are there any famous gardens where you live?

14 – What plants do you think are ugly?

15 – What things do you need to do to keep a plant alive?

16 – Is there a plant nursery near you?

17 – Are there any famous stories about plants in your culture?

18 – Do you ever keep seeds from the fruit you eat?

19 – Can people grow vegetables in big cities? How and where?

20 – Would you say you are a “green thumb”? (A person who loves gardening)

21 – Are there any dangerous plants in your country?

22 – Why is gardening good for your health?

23 – Do any of your neighbors have good gardens? Can you describe them?

24 – Do you think that you would be able to grow enough food to feed yourself? Would you like to do this?

25 – When was the last time that you bought a plant or seeds? What did you buy?

a woman gardening in an orchid nursery
Gardening idioms

If your class enjoyed the gardening conversation questions, introduce them to some of the gardening and plant idioms here on ESL Vault. The list has over 50 idioms and expressions.

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