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10 free paw printables

Free paw printables

Here are some free paw printables for art and craft activities. They feature paws from dogs and cats and come in a few different styles. Some of the paws are simply black silhouettes, while others are outlines that can be colored in.

You can use these paw templates in all sorts of ways. You might want to cut them out to make animal tracks or stick them on objects to decorate them.

Using a craft knife or box cutter, you can cut the shapes out from the paper to make stencils. Teachers and parents will want to do this for younger children of course! Once you have made a stencil, it is an easy act to place it on something and paint over it to create a paw print on anything at all.

Another educational use for the paws can be for teaching numbers and counting. Give young learners a number of precut paws and ask them to count out the correct numbers. By adding plus and minus symbols it can become a maths activity as well.

There are a myriad of options, let your imagination run wild and find more fun ideas for these animal paw printables.

Cat paw printables with limbs

The next set of printable paws belong to cats and also have their legs. These pages can be used for different kinds of craft activities such as making collages and chains.

There are pre-colored pages as well as outlines of paws for coloring activities. Cat lovers will no doubt find plenty of other uses for these paw templates!

List of animals with paws

Did you know there are a lot of animals that have paws, not just dogs and cats? Here is a short list of creatures who are considered to have paws in the English language.

  • badger
  • bear
  • beaver
  • capybara
  • cat
  • cheetah
  • cougar
  • coyote
  • dog
  • ferret
  • fox
  • Guinea pig
  • hamster
  • hare
  • jaguar
  • kangaroo
  • koala
  • lion
  • marten
  • mink
  • mouse
  • otter
  • panda
  • porcupine
  • prairie dog
  • rabbit
  • raccoon
  • rat
  • squirrel
  • sun bear
  • tiger
  • weasel
  • weasel
  • wolf
  • wolverine

Related activities

If you are looking for more activities related to paws, here are some handy resources.

Firstly there are the animal footprints worksheets that require students to match footprints with animal names.

There is also the animal tracks matching game that has a ton of animal tracks cards. These are to be matched with cards that have photographs of the animals that make the tracks.

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