25 clothing conversation questions

25 clothing conversation questions

Clothing conversation questions

Clothing is a part of all our daily lives. It can show how we feel, our tastes, our occupation, and even our social status. Use these interesting clothing conversation questions to have a fun discussion on the matter and see what your friends and students like and dislike about clothes.

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The most difficult terms in the clothing discussion questions activity include – ironing, fabric, torn, spilled, family members, secondhand, hiking, culture, receive, formal, informal, occasion, and accessory.

The clothing conversation questions are –


1 – What did you wear yesterday? What do you plan to wear tomorrow?

2 – Describe your favorite piece of clothing. When and where did you get it?

3 – What do you think the world would be like if everybody wore the same clothing?

4 – Do you wash your clothing or does somebody else do it? How often do you wash it?

5 – Do you iron your clothes? What kinds of clothing do you think don’t need ironing?

6 – What fabric do you most like the feel of? Is it expensive where you live?

7 – Have you ever torn or spilled something on your clothing? What did you do about it?

8 – Are you or anyone in your family able to make any clothing? What can you make?

9 – In which country is most of your clothing made? Why do you buy this clothing?

10 – Which kinds of plants are used to make clothing? Do they grow in your country?

11 – What kinds of clothing do you usually wear in the different seasons of the year?

12 – If you could only wear one set of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

13 – Do you ever buy secondhand clothing? Do your family members pass down clothing?

14 – What would you say is the best clothing for hiking in a jungle or the mountains?

15 – How often do you buy clothes? Is there a special time of year when you buy clothing?

16 – Which culture’s clothing interests you the most? What colors do the people wear?

17 – If you were going to spend $2000 on clothing, where would you go to spend it?

18 – Have you ever received very ugly clothing as a gift? What did you do with it?

19 – How do dress differently on formal and informal occasions? Why do you do this?

20 – When was the last time you wore your best clothes? What was the reason for this?

21 – Have you ever had any clothing stolen from you? What was it and how was it stolen?

22 – In what ways do city and countryside people dress differently in your home country?

23 – What do you think about people buying clothing for their pets? Would you do this?

24 – Do you own any clothing or accessories made from animal skin? What are they?

25 – How do you think you will dress when you are in your old age? Why do you think so?

traditional clothing from an Amazon jungle tribe

Related clothing idioms

Introduce, discuss, and make example sentences with these related idioms once you have completed the clothing conversation questions.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is something that looks to be harmless but is in actual fact dangerous or bad. This expression is most often used to describe people.

The person who wears the pants or trousers in the family or a relationship is the boss or person in control.

If someone tells you to put a sock in it, they are telling you to shut up and be quiet.

Your best clothing can be referred to as your Sunday best. An older no longer popular variation of this expression is roast-meat clothes.

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