paper bee craft templates 1

Free paper bee craft templates (8 PDFs)

Paper bee craft templates

Here are some fun bumble bee craft activities that can be used for a variety of ages. These printable PDF pages can be used to supplement all sorts of other lessons and exercises that are related to science, art, animals, and nature in general.

You don’t need much for these creative projects. Once the desired pages are printed, only scissors, glue, sticky tape, or a stapler and coloring tools (optional) are required.

The first activity, above and below asks learners to cut out the pieces of a bumble bee and put them all together. There is both a colored version and a plain outline that can also be colored in.

An answer key has been provided but there is no real need to follow it. It is mostly there to guide younger students if they should need it. Have fun, and start making bees!

You can put the bees together on a plain sheet of paper or cardstock, and make a project poster with added information written down. They can also be used on a wall to create a mural that is quite fitting for springtime.

Another way you could use the answer key is to make a picture puzzle. Simply draw a grid of squares on the back of the printed PDF then cut along the lines. Small children will enjoy putting the bee back together. You can of course make it harder by making the grid much smaller, it is up to you!

Paper bee craft activity 2

Next, we have another cut-and-paste honey bee craft activity that has a background to assemble the bee on. There are also some blades of grass to be added to this picture (underneath the flower).

If you need a guide or answer key for this one note that it is the same bee as in the activity above. The only differences are that the bee is facing the opposite direction and that its legs are rectangular.

Although there is no black-and-white PDF version of this you can still use it for coloring. Simply print the pages out in grayscale and then use felt pens or crayons to color it in. This works fine and will still give you a nice finished project!

Paper bee craft activity 3

Below is the most simple and easiest bee craft template of the lot. It does involve some coloring (or not!) but the shapes are quite large.

Start out with coloring the bee hive on the branch which will be your background. Next, color and cut out the fly bees. The bees can be placed and glued anywhere on the background, there are no rules.

Younger children need not worry about cutting out the bee antennae and their pointy noses. These can easily be added later with a pen or marker.

Paper bee craft activity 4

The final PDF is a set of 4 bee-themed bookmarks. All you need to do is color them in and cut them out. The pictures are quite detailed and are best suited to teenagers. However, there is no reason why younger learners can’t have some fun playing around with either pencils or crayons as well!

Note that these free printable bookmarks will last a lot longer if you stick them to cardboard, laminate them, or even just cover them with clear sticky tape.

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If you have some teenage or older students, they may well enjoy the bee discussion questions as an interesting speaking exercise.

For more printable paper fun, check out the frog craft templates. They can also be used together with the bees to make one larger scale project on cardboard or a wall.

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