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31 Free printable sun templates and outlines

Sun templates and outlines

Here are some free sun templates and outlines that you can use for many different arts and crafts activities. These PDF templates come in large and small as well as colored and black and white.

There are a range of styles to choose from and you will be sure to find something suitable for your project. If you don’t yet have any plans for your sun outline, read ahead for some cool ideas!

The first PDF pages above and below feature large printable sun pictures that have different shaped rays coming off them.

Things you can do with the sun templates and outlines

Try one of these fun ideas for using the free printable suns – 

1 – Hanging mobiles. By cutting the sun shapes out and attaching them to string and some sort of stick you can make some very nice summer-themed mobiles. You can even use one of the suns as a part of a solar system mobile.

2 – Coloring and painting. The printable can be easy projects for young kids who are just learning to use colored pencils and paint. They can also be used to teach shading colors.

3 – Collages. Try cutting out pictures, small pieces of colored paper, or other objects and sticking them inside the sun shapes. You can come up with some really neat designs.

4 – Wall murals. Color, cut out, and stick several suns to a wall for a cool-looking mural. This is another great summer activity.

5 – Drawing and writing. Many of these pictures have a lot of space in the middle that can be used to draw in or write a simple short story or poem.

6 – Stencils. Cut out the sun outlines to make simple stencils that can be used to create the shape of the sun anywhere you like.

Colored sun templates

The next printables are already filled with nice yellow and orange colors. They are handy if you want to save time and skip the process of coloring in the sun.

Small sun templates

Finally, we have some smaller sun templates. They are perfect for smaller-scale projects like scrapbooking, or decorating objects.

Once printed, simply color and cut out the suns and stick them to objects with glue or sticky tape. Another thing you can do with these is to make a daisy chain.

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