free printable superlatives game

6 Free superlatives game printables (PDF)

Superlatives game

Here is a fun free printable superlatives game in which players or students are to rank things in different categories. It can be played in 6 rounds like a quiz night or the PDF pages can be used individually.

The game is perfect for teaching both superlatives and comparatives in the English learning classroom. It can also be used for quiz nights and family entertainment.

The pages start with some easy games that are suitable for kids and primary school learners. The latter few pages are a bit more challenging and are best for older players. All the answers for these superlative games have been provided at the bottom of this page.

The games above and below require players to rank things in these ways –

Game 1 – Animal speed. Order animals from fastest to slowest.

Game 2 – Country size. Order countries from biggest to smallest.

Game 3 – Animal weight. Order animals from heaviest to lightest.

Game 4 – Building age. Order famous buildings from oldest to newest.

Game 5 – Mountain size. Order mountains from highest to shortest.

Game 6 – River length. Order rivers from longest to shortest.

Playing the superlatives game

There are several ways that these free printables can be used. Here are a few different options- 

1 – Writing. You can get players to write their answers directly on the pages. This can also be used to teach comparatives. For example, If in game 1 a player writes The ostrich for number 1, they might write the kangaroo is slower than the ostrich for number 2.

2 – Cut out the cards. You can also cut the cards out for a more hands-on game and get students to arrange them in a line. The names on the cards can also be cut off to create an extra matching activity to the superlatives game.

3 – Research project. Some of the games are a bit challenging. You can ask learners to research the answers in a library or online. This can also be a homework activity.

4 – Team game. This is my favorite way to use these printables. Arrange your class into teams and play a game with several rounds. At the end of each round award points for each answer placed in the correct position. It will involve the teams to work together and do a bit of guesswork which is always fun.

Superlatives game answers

It should be noted that there may be some different information for answers found elsewhere. Things like animal speeds and depend on distances, animal size, and age. If any zoologist out there can point me to a reliable study I’d like to hear from you. 

It is hard to get exact numbers. Many sources differ so an attempt of an average has been made after looking at several sources. Animal weights can also vary, likewise with how rivers are measured. In any case, I believe the answers to be correct.

Game 1 – Animal speeds

From fastest to slowest

  1. Ostrich
  2. Deer
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Rabbit
  5. Water buffalo
  6. Asian elephant

Game 2 – Country size

From largest to smallest

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Cambodia

Game 3 – Animal weights

From heaviest to lightest

  1. Sperm whale
  2. Hippo
  3. Giraffe
  4. Bison
  5. Polar bear
  6. Gorilla

Game 4 – Building age

From oldest to newest

  1. The Sphinx of Egypt
  2. The Coliseum of Rome
  3. The Tower of Pisa
  4. St Basil’s Cathedral
  5. The Taj Mahal
  6. The Sydney Opera House

Game 5 – Mountain size

From tallest to shortest

  1. Mt Aconcagua – 6,706 m
  2. Mt Denali – 6,190 m
  3. Mt Kilimanjaro – 5,895 m
  4. Mt Elbrus – 5,642 m
  5. Mt Fuji – 3,776 m
  6. Mt Cook – 3,724 m

Game 6 – River length

From longest to shortest

  1. Nile
  2. Amazon
  3. Mekong 
  4. Mississippi
  5. Murray-Darling
  6. Zambezi

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