funny book titles and authors

3 funny book titles and authors puzzles

Funny book titles and authors

These are hilarious activities for advanced ESL learners. Students must match the book titles with the author’s names which are related puns. There is space underneath the book titles where students can write the writer’s names.

You will probably need to help your class a bit. Get students to say the author names out loud and listen to what words they hear when doing so. For example, Hugh Jengin looks like a normal name but when we say it we can hear the words huge engine. Hugh Jengin would of course be the author of the book “Big Motors” on worksheet 2.

You may even need to go over all the author’s names first to make the activity much easier. All the answers are listed at the bottom of the page. Be sure to have a look for any words or new vocabulary that you may need to teach beforehand.

All the puns are clean jokes, there is no need to worry about any adult or profane language in these puzzles. So far there are 3 funny book titles and authors puzzle worksheets. If they prove popular, some more will be added later on.

funny book titles and authors 2
funny book titles and authors 3
Funny book titles and authors – answers

Sheet 1

Why Cars Stop  – M. T. Tank (empty tank)

I’ll Go Second – Hugo First (you go first)

Bacteria – Mike Robes (microbes)

Dentistry – Phil Mc Cavity (fill my cavity)

Geology –  Roxanne Minerals (rocks and minerals)

Insurance – Justin Case (just in case)

Big Snakes – Anna Conder (anaconda)

Walking Home – Miss D. Bus (missed the bus)

Making Honey – B. Keeper (bee keeper)

Office software – Mike Rowsoft (Microsoft)

Buying Glasses – Seymour Clearly ( see more clearly)

Stop Shouting – Danielle Soloud (don’t yell so loud)

Sheet 2

Big Motors – Hugh Jengin (huge engine)

American Breakfasts – Chris P. Bacon (crispy bacon)

I Have A Cold – Ron E. Nose (runny nose)

Italian Sausages – Sal Armie (salami)

Heating Food – Mike Rowave (microwave)

Losing Hair – I. M. Balding (I am balding)

Word Meanings – Dick Shunnery (dictionary)

Looking Younger – Faye Slift (facelift)

Cutting Wood – Tim Burr (timber)

It Is Really Good – Wanda Full (wonderful)

School Sports – Jim Nasium (gymnasium)

Not Sitting – Stan Ding (standing)

Sheet 3

Forest Colours – Theresa Green (trees are green)

Being funny – Joe Kerr (joker)

Stealing Money – Robin Banks (robbing banks)

Fixing Taps – Lee King (leaking)

Street Food – Donna K. Babb (doner kebab)

Elephant Teeth – Ivor E. Hunter (ivory hunter)

Car Music – Ray Dio (radio)

Blushing – Rosie Cheeks (rosy cheeks)

Laying Bricks – Bill Jerome Wall (build your own wall)

Getting Wet – Wayne Drops (raindrops)

Running To The Toilet – Willie Makit (will he make it)

Small Fish – Anne Chovie (anchovy)


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