25 hometowns conversation questions ​

25 Hometowns conversation questions

Hometowns conversation questions

Your hometown is generally regarded as where you were born, grew up, went to school, or spent most of your younger years. It is a topic of discussion that everyone can take part in. Use these hometowns conversation classes to find out where your students and associates come from and what it is like there.

This is an easy discussion activity with the majority of questions being suitable for pre-intermediate level ESL learners. The hardest words in this speaking exercise are – main street, population, landscape, landform, temperature, festival, relatives, industries, materials, and recommend.


The hometowns conversation questions are –


Where did you grow up and go to school? When was the last time you were there?

What’s your hometown famous for? Does your hometown have an interesting history?

What is the name of the main street in your hometown? What is on this street?

How many people live in your hometown? Is the population growing quickly?

Does your hometown have any special foods? What food is grown in your hometown?

What different kinds of landscapes and landforms does your hometown have?

Which season has the best weather in your hometown? What are the temperatures?

What is your favorite thing about your hometown? Is there anything you don’t like?

Does your hometown have any lakes or rivers? Is the water clean enough to swim in?

Would you say that your hometown is a safe place for people to live? Why/why not?

If you are away from your hometime for a long time, what do you miss the most?

Does your hometown have any festivals? What are the celebrations about?

Do many people walk around your hometown? What transport is most popular?

Have you ever wished that you had a different hometown? Why did you wish for this?

What kinds of industries are in your hometown? Is it a good place to find a job?

Do you have many relatives in your hometown or have family moved elsewhere?

What are the streets and roads like in your hometown? Is traffic a problem there?

Can you describe the buildings in your hometown? What materials are they made of?

What kinds of activities do people like to do on weekends in your hometown?

Does your hometown have good facilities such as schools, and public transport?

Is there much nature around your hometown? What animals and plants are there?

If a tourist came to your hometown, what would you recommend they see and do?

Do you think that the people who live in your hometown are happy? Why?

How do you see your hometown changing in the near future? Is this good or bad?

a small village in vietnam

Further activities

If you want to continue the hometown discussion, have a look at the home conversation questions and the cities conversation questions which are closely related.

A fun follow-up activity is to ask students to draw a basic map of their hometown. Get them to draw in all the major landmarks and landforms that exist there. Once they have done this they can describe their hometown in detail. The map can also be used for activities about giving directions.

For a writing exercise, ask your class to describe their perfect hometown. They should write about the geography, nature, infrastructure, facilities, location, industries, weather, and so on.

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