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17 fantasy writing prompts with pictures

Fantasy writing prompts

If your students are struggling with creative writing, these fantasy writing prompts may be just what you need. They have picture prompts on an array of different topics.

How to use the fantasy writing prompts

You can simply give these printables to students and let them come up with their own ideas. The pictures are all very interesting and are intended to stir the imagination.

For students who need the extra help it is a good idea to provide them with a title to get them started. Some titles and suggested writing ideas have been provided with each handout below.

You can also raise the question words of who, what, when, where, and how. This can get students thinking about what to write.

Mushroom world

A world of tiny people living in mushrooms. What do they look like? What happens in their lives? What threats do they face from the outside world?

The giant giraffe

An enormous giraffe lives in a forest and comes to a cliff to be fed by people every day.

Can the giraffe communicate? What does it eat? Who feeds it?

The portal

A strange portal appears in a nearby forest. Where does it go and what is on the otherside. Do things come out of the portal?

The girl and the magic wolf

A female warrior with a special wolf companion fight against an evil army. What abilities does the wolf have? Who are they fighting and why?

The wave

A small ship sails through a storm and comes across the biggest wave ever seen. What happens next?

The miraculous tree

A glowing tree has the ability to heal people and make wishes come true. What else can the tree do? Who visits the tree? Is the tree in danger?

The floating runes

A woman finds some strange floating runes with an unknown language on them. What powers do the runes have? Where did they come from?

The suitcase of holidays

A man buys a suitcase at a secondhand store. It turns out to be an enchanted suitcase that can transport people to wonderful places.

The deadly lighthouse

A lighthouse has the ability to create lightning strikes wherever and whenever it wants. Who controls the lighthouse? What things does it destroy and why?

The day the earth fell up

One day all the people and things on the planet started to fall upwards. What caused this? Where did everything go? Can it be stopped?

The man in the mountain

A huge golem-like man made of stone emerges from a mountain. How did he get stuck in the mountain? What will he do now that he is free?

The line

One day for no apparent reason people start forming a line. The line moves forward but grows everyday with more and more people.

Where does the line go? Why are people joining it?

The fisherman drink

A boy finds a magical glass in the dusty attic of his new house. When he drinks it, he gains fishing superpowers for a day.

How will he put these superpowers to use? What will he catch?


The enchanted phone

A telephone has the power to create and absorb material objects. Who has the phone and what will they do with it?

The alien who crashed to earth

A supernatural being crashes a spaceship into the earth. Where did it come from? What does the alien want?

The dragon crystals

Two adventurers find a cave with very valuable crystal gemstones. There is a dragon protecting the loot and they must find a way to take some of the treasure.

The sky diver

A man has special scuba diving equipment that lets him fly through the sky like he is swimming.

Where does he go and what does he do?

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