25 furniture conversation questions

25 furniture conversation questions

Furniture conversation questions

Every home has furniture, it comes in an amazing array of styles, shapes, colors, and comfort. It is often replaced, thrown away, and upgraded. You can use these simple furniture conversation questions for a fun speaking activity with students, friends, and family.

This is quite an easy speaking topic. The most difficult terms that ESL students may not know include – appliance, hammock, billiard table, hammock, antique, replace, mattress, drawer, random, objects, secondhand, seaside, and comfortable.

The furniture discussion questions are –


What is the heaviest piece of furniture in your home? Have you ever tried to move it?

What do you think is the difference between a piece of furniture and an appliance?

Would you say that a hammock is furniture? Why? How about a billiard table?

Do you own any antique furniture? Do you prefer modern or old-style furniture?

Have you ever broken a piece of furniture? How did you break it and why?

How often do people in your family replace old furniture with new things?

What furniture do you have in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen?

Where would you take an old sofa or mattress if you wanted to throw it away?

What is a piece of furniture that you hope to or plan on buying in the future?

How many different kinds of furniture can you think of in thirty seconds?

What is the last piece of furniture that you bought? Where did you buy it?

Have you ever tried to make some furniture by yourself? What did you make and how?

What is most of your furniture made of? Do you own any expensive wooden furniture?

Do you have a drawer in your home that is full of random objects? What is inside it?

What would you do if you spilled coffee or red wine on somebody’s sofa or bed?

Do you own any secondhand furniture? What is it and where did it come from?

What is the best thing to sit on to read a book? How about to watch a seaside sunset?

Do you own any outdoor or camping furniture? How often do you use it?

What is the first piece of furniture that you use when you get up in the morning?

In which country do you think most of your furniture was made? Why do you think so?

If you opened a restaurant, what kind and style of furniture would you put in it?

What are the most comfortable and uncomfortable pieces of furniture in your home?

Do you own a coffee table? If so, what things are on and underneath it?

What furniture do you usually use to eat meals? What do you use to do work?

an old wooden table outdoors

Furniture idioms and expressions

Here are some peculiar expressions that you can use to continue the conversation once you have completed the furniture discussion questions.

A person who has been at a place or job for a long time, or frequents somewhere like a bar or restaurant very regularly can be referred to as part of the furniture.

If you are very honest with someone and tell them a secret, what you think, plan, or something you haven’t told others you put your cards on the table.

A person who gives up very easily can be said to fold like a lawn chair.

Something that is top shelf is very high quality.

When you get out of the wrong side of bed you begin your day being very unhappy or grumpy.

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