camping conversation questions

25 camping conversation questions

Camping conversation questions

This free worksheet contains a picture description activity and camping discussion questions for ESL classes. There is also a camping vocabulary matching worksheets page and a hiking conversation questions handout to take this lesson further.

The camping conversation questions are –

What are some good places to go camping near your home?

What is the most popular camping destination in your country?

What things do you need to take when you go camping?

Do you need a permit to go camping in your country?

Do you worry about any animals when you go camping? Which ones?

Do you know how to make a campfire? How do you do it?

Which do you prefer, camping in the forest, on a beach, or in the mountains?

What activities do you like to do when camping?

Besides animals, what things are dangerous when you are camping?

Do you like to sleep in a tent or just in a sleeping bag looking at the stars?

What is the longest amount of time you have camped for?

What kinds of food do you eat when you camp? How do you cook?

Have you ever heard of glamping? What is it?

Have you ever had a bad experience while camping?

What things should you consider when choosing a place to pitch a tent?

Have you ever been bothered by mosquitos when camping? What did you do?

What clothes are good to take camping?

What kinds of drinks do you like to take camping?

Have you ever camped in the rain? How was it?

Do you think you would enjoy camping for a week or a month?

Have you ever gathered or caught any food while camping?

Is it better to camp where there are many campers or a quiet secluded place?

If you went camping for many days what would you most miss from home?

Is camping popular in your home country?

people camping in tents
A follow up writing activity

Check out the desert island writing activity for a good related exercise. There is also a printable page of desert island conversation questions if you want to continue speaking.

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