ESL family conversation questions

75 interesting family conversation questions

Family conversation questions for ESL

Here we have 75 discussion questions about family on 3 separate worksheets. The handouts have a wide range of family-related questions and also have pictures to describe.

Difficult words and expressions in the first speaking activity include – siblings, reunion, extended family, special, argue, argument, keep in touch, appearance, character, chore, and allowed.


The family conversation questions on worksheet 1 above are –


1- How many people are there in your family? Who is the oldest?

2 – What do you and your family like to do together? How often do you do it?

3 – What is the best thing about having a family?

4 -Does your family always eat dinner together? What do you usually eat?

5 – Where did your family travel to on the last vacation? What did you do there?

6 – Who is the hardest-working person in your family? What do they do?

7 – Do you have any siblings? Would you like to have more?

8 – What do you think is the best size for a family?

9 – How often do you have family reunions with extended family members?

10 – Where were your parents born? Is it far from where you live now?

11 – Are there any special days of the year when your family has fun together?

12 – What did your grandparents do when they were younger?

13 – Does your family have a pet? Who looks after it the most?

14 – Does everyone in your family have their own room or do you share?

15 – Who would you say is the boss of your family?

16 – Do you get on well with all your family members?

17 – Does your family ever have arguments? What do you argue about?

18 – Who is the noisiest person in your family? What makes them so noisy?

19 – Would you like to live with your parents or in another house? Why?

20 – Describe your parents. What are their appearances and characters like?

21 – Do you keep in touch with family members you don’t live with? How often?

22 –Who does most of the household chores in your family? Do you help?

23 – What things are not allowed in your family home?

24 – Do you hope to have children one day? Would you prefer boys or girls?

25 – Would you like your family to move somewhere else? Where to?

ESL family conversation questions 2
Family conversation questions 2

Before starting this discussion worksheet, check your students are familiar with these terms – close (relationship), a living (job), raise a family, location, strict, react, adopted, resemble, curfew, distant ancestors, and tradition.


On worksheet 2 the family conversation questions are –


26 – Has your family ever done any work together? What did you do?

27 – Who would you say you are closest to in your family?

28 – Which is most important to you, friends or family? Why?

29 – What do your parents do for a living? Do they like their jobs?

30 – Where do you think is the best location to raise a family in your country?

31 – Are your parents strict? How do they react if you do something wrong?

32 – Will you take care of your parents when they get old and frail? How?

33 – What is the happiest family memory you can think of?

34 – When you have children, will you do anything differently to your parents?

35 – Do you know anybody who is adopted? Would you ever adopt a child?

36 – How do you think families in other countries are different to yours?

37 – Who do you resemble most, your mother or your father?

38 – Which of your parents do you take after most?

39 – Do you think that mothers should stay home to raise their children?

40 – What things have your parents taught you not to do?

41 – Did or have your parents ever set a curfew to be home at night?

42 – Do you know much about your great-grandparents? What did they do?

43 – What do you know about your distant ancestors? Where were they from?

44 – Have you ever kept a secret or hidden something from your parents?

45 – Do you ever feel like you need time away from your family?

46 – Has your father ever done something that made you laugh a lot?

47 – Do you know how your parents met? What is the story?

48 – Does your family have any special traditions? What are they?

49 – In what ways is family life changing in your country?

50 – Are there many families in your neighborhood? Are they different from yours?

ESL family conversation questions 3
Family conversation questions 3

A third worksheet of family conversation questions. This discussion activity has the idiom “bring home the bacon” and the phrasal verbs – look up to, pass down, and name after. Other challenging terms include – greet, surname, discipline, expectations, achieve, heirloom, in-laws, and maid.


The third set of family discussion questions are –


51 – How do you greet family members when you haven’t seen them in a long time?

52 – What is the longest amount of time you have spent away from your parents?

53 – What animals do you know of that live in families?

54 – At what age do you think children should leave home?

55 – Which family member do you usually talk to when you have problems?

56 – Do you have any favorite aunts or uncles? Why do you like them?

57 – Where do your grandparents live? How often do you see them?

58 – What do you think makes a happy family? Is money important?

59 – How old were your parents when they had children?

60 – Are you named after anyone in your family? What does your surname mean?

61 – How did your parents discipline you when you were naughty?

62 – Who is the person you look up most to in your family?

63 – Do your parents have any expectations or things they want you to achieve?

64 – How many times has your family moved home? Why did you move?

65 – Are there any objects or heirlooms that are passed down in your family?

66 – What is the most useful thing that your mother has taught you?

67 – Do you have any in-laws? What are they like?

68 – Who “brings home the bacon” in your family?

69 – Have you ever had a nanny or a maid? What were they like?

70 – Which person in your family gives the best gifts? What did they last give you?

71 – Who is the best cook in your family? What is their best dish?

72 – If your family was a TV show or a movie, what would it be called?

73 – What do you think is the best age to start a family?

74 – What will be the most important thing that you teach your children?

75 – In what ways would your life be different if you didn’t have any family at all?

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