g and d minmal pairs initial sound

G and D minimal pairs

G and D minimal pairs

Here is another set of flashcards, wordlists, pronunciation, guide and practice sentences for minimal pairs. This page focuses on the g and d minimal pairs. 

The pairs are simply words that differ by one sound and are very useful for helping foreign language learners with their pronunciation. They are also perfect for speech therapy for younger children who may have pronunciation issues.

You can also find many similar articles with different minial pairs in the pronunciation section here at ESL Vault.

G and D sounds pronunciation guide

The G sound is voiced which means you need to use your throat or vocal cords to make the sound. First, place the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Push air through your mouth and suddenly release the air by moving your tongue downwards.

You can make the g sound quieter by simply slowing down how fast you release the air in your mouth.

The D sound is also voiced so again you should feel a vibration in your throat as you make this sound. This time start with your tongue touching your top front teeth. As you push air through your mouth, quickly drop your tongue downwards.

Minimal pairs flashcards

Here are some free PDF flashcards that you can use in pronunciation activities and games. These flashcards have both pictures and words which also helps students to build some new vocabulary.

The first 3 sheets above use the G and D minimal pairs at the start of words (the initial position). The sheet below has minimal pairs at the end of the words (the final position).

The minimal pairs used are –

Sheet 1 – grain/drain, gate/date, go/dough, grip/drip

Sheet 2 – gear/deer, gig/dig, grill/drill, gill/dill.

Sheet 3 – gown/down, grapes/drapes, grizzly/drizzly, group/droop.

Sheet 4 – bug/bud, leg/lead, mug/mud, beg/bed.


G and D minimal pairs list (initial sound)

gag – dag gale – dale galley - dally game – dame
garter – darter gash – dash gate – date gaunt - daunt
gay - day gazed – dazed gear – deer ghee – D
ghoul – duel gig – dig gill – dill go – dough/doe
goal – dole goat – dote gold – doled goo – dew
goon - dune goose – deuce gore – door got – dot
gout – doubt gown – down grab drab graft - draft
grain – drain grapes – drapes gray – dray grill – drill
grip – drip grizzly – drizzly groan – drone group – droop
grove – drove grub – drub grudge – drudge grueling – drooling
guide – died gull – dull gum – dumb gun – done
gust – dust guy – dye

G and D minimal pairs list (final sound)

bug – bud league – lead leg – lead mug – mud
plague – played rag – rad rig – rid rogue – road

G and D minimal pairs sentences

Here are some simple, yet fun example sentences that use the minimal pairs with g and d sounds.

He got a dot of mud on his mug.

There is a gale in the dale.

The rogue on the road drove through a grove.

They lead the league.

A gust of dust hit the bug on the bud.

Put the grapes next to the drapes.

There is no doubt she has gout.

She met her date at the gate.

The dame played a game with grain by the drain.

The goon on the dune got rid of the rig.

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