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29 free PDF Aztec coloring pages

Aztec coloring pages

Here you will find a variety of different Aztec coloring pages. There are free coloring sheets of Aztec warriors, pyramids, ancient Aztec drawings, Aztec symbols, the god Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec calendar, animals and more.

There are coloring sheets for all ages. Scroll down to find easy coloring pages for children as well as detailed drawings for teens and adults.

The Aztec civilisation were a warlike people that flourished in Central America from some time in the 1300s to 1521. They expanded their territory by forcibly conquering smaller nearby city-states and including them into their empire. The arrival of Spanish conquistadors who colonised these people brought an end to their civilisation.

Warrior Aztec coloring pages

The first 7 coloring sheets (the 4 above and 3 below) feature Aztec warriors. These fighters used swords known as macuahuitl. These weapons were made of wood, usually oak and were fitted with blades of glass from volcanoes (otherwise known as obsidian).

The best fighters in Aztec culture became jaguar warriors after capturing 4 enemy soldiers in battle. They dressed as Jaguars and wore jaguar headdresses to instil fear into their enemies.

Ancient Aztec coloring pages

These coloring sheets come from actual Aztec drawings. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, Aztecs did not have a form of writing and communicated and recorded knowledge through drawing pictures.

Animal Aztec coloring pages

These cool designs are based on Aztec drawings of animals. The PDF pages here include a vulture, snake, jaguars, eagles, and a frog.

Most of these are very simple and are perfect for younger kids to color in. There is also a complex magical jaguar coloring page that is more suitable for adults coloring.


Quetzalcoatl aztec coloring pages and the Aztec calendar

Quetzalcoatl was one of the most important gods for the ancient Aztec people. The name is a compound noun coming from the words – quetzal (an emeral feathered bird), and coatl (snake).

It was a feathered serpent and was the god of wind, rain, and knowledge. Quetzalcoatl was also believed to have created the world.

A similar feathered snake was also worshipped by other cultures in Mesoamerica such as the Mayans and Olmecs.

There is also a detailed picture of the Aztec calendar coloring page below. The Aztec calendar  or sun stone was very different to our own modern day calendar. It was comprised of a 260 day year made up of 18 months that ran in cycles of 52 years.

Other Aztec coloring pages

Below are some more coloring sheets that don’t really fit into the above categories. There are some Aztec symbols, a simple Aztec man, and a nighttime scene with 2 pyramids.

Interesting fact – Aztec and Mayan pyramids are very similar, the main difference is that the Aztecs put temples on top of their pyramids. The Mayan civilisation left the tops of their pyramids flat.

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