25 spring conversation questions

25 spring conversation questions

spring conversation questions

Spring is the most beautiful time of year in many places around the world. Use these spring conversation questions to get your class to discuss the season of birth and growth.

The questions here are relatively easy and suit pre-intermediate level ESL learners and above. The most difficult terms and phrases that you may need to go over before starting the discussion include- celebrate, natural environment, daylight savings, during, associate, and on time.


The spring conversation questions are –


1 – What is the weather like in spring in your hometown? Does it rain much?

2 – What kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables come into season during spring?

3 – Are there any outdoor activities or sports that you like to at springtime?

4 – Which holidays are celebrated during spring in your country?

5 – How does nature and the natural environment change when spring arrives?

6 – Where do you think would be a great place to travel to in spring?

7 – What is your favorite kind of flower? Do they grow near your home in spring?

8 – Does your country have daylight savings time? When does that happen?

9 – Is spring the most beautiful time of year where you live? Why or why not?

10 – Do you like to do any gardening during spring? What gardening do you do?

11 – If you were going to plant a garden in spring, what would you plant?

12 – What kinds of animals do you see more of in the season of spring?

13 – Have you ever been on a picnic in spring? Where did you go and what did you eat?

14 – What 3 things would you associate with the word spring?

15 – In what ways is spring different from summer where you live?

16 – Do you know of any animals that hibernate in winter and come out in spring?

17 – In what month does spring start in your country? Did it arrive on time last year?

18 – Do you need to heat or cool your home during spring? How do you do that?

19 – Can you describe a perfect spring day? What would you do on such a day?

20 – How do you think people feel when spring arrives after a long cold winter?

21 – How do people where you live usually dress during spring? What do you wear?

22 – Where is the best place to go for a long springtime walk or hiking where you live?

23 – Do you get many rainbows in your hometown? When did you last see one?

24 – What kinds of trees become more beautiful when spring arrives?

25 – Do students get a spring break where you live? How long is the break for?

spring cherry blossoms

Spring Idioms and expressions

Once you have completed the spring conversation questions, introduce some interesting spring idioms to your students. Here are a few you can use.

A spring chicken is a young person, This term is most often used to say that someone is no spring chicken meaning that they are no longer young anymore and have gotten old.

The expression, April showers bring May flowers, refers to the fact that wet rainy April with help plants and flowers grow and blossom in the following month of May.

If you spring something on somebody, you surprise them or give them a task or news suddenly without warning.

a butterfly in spring
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