25 ghosts conversation questions foe ESL

25 ghosts conversation questions

Ghosts conversation questions

Discussion questions on the spooky topic of ghosts. This is usually a great theme for conversation with teenagers and older students.

Difficult words in this speaking activity include – haunt, seance, phenomena, cemetery, reaction, medium, relatives, and reincarnation.

The ghosts conversation questions are –

Do you believe in ghosts? What do you think they are?

Do you know of any haunted houses? What is the story behind them?

If you had to spend a night in a haunted house, what would you take?

What do you think of seances? Would you like to try one?

If you could talk to a ghost, what would you ask it?

Do you think that ghosts have the ability to move objects?

What kinds of natural phenomena can explain people seeing ghosts?

If you were a ghost, where would you live and who would you haunt?

What is the scariest ghost or spirit movie you have ever seen?

Have you or anyone you know ever seen a ghost?

What do you think are some signs that a ghost or spirit is nearby?

Have you ever been to a cemetery at night? How did you feel?

What is the scariest place you can think of to spend a night?

What kinds of buildings are often thought to be haunted?

Have you ever felt you were not alone in a strange place?

If you saw a ghost, what would you do? What would be your first reaction?

Have you seen any TV shows about ghost hunters? What do you think of them?

Are there mediums in your culture that try to communicate with the dead?

Which dead person from the past would you like to talk to?

What equipment would you need to become a ghost hunter?

Are there any popular ghost stories in your culture?

What would you expect a ghost to look like?

Do you think that any relatives that have passed away are watching over you?

What are your thoughts about reincarnation?

a ghost of a girl on a road
Ghost idioms

If a person gives up the ghost they pass away. If a machine decides to give up the ghost, it stops working or functioning.

A ghost writer is somebody who helps another person write a book but doesn’t take credit for the book.

A ghost town is a place that has very few people or nobody living there.

If you are as white as, or as pale as a ghost, you have a very pale complexion due to being ill or from fear.

a ghost in a dark forest
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