25 electricity conversation questions for ESL

25 electricity conversation questions

Electricity conversation questions

Electricity is an essential part of the modern world. It is generated from many sources, some of which have become quite contovertial in recent times.  Here is a free worksheet of electricity discussion questions for ESL learners and general English conversation.

Difficult terms and expressions on this handout include -source, power plant, powerline, caught, shock, rechargeable, require, appliance, fuse, inventor, and device.


The electricity conversation questions are –


1 – What do you think is the best source of electricity?

2 – How much does your home spend on electricity each month?

3 – When and where was the biggest thunderstorm you can remember?

4 – How far from you is the nearest power plant? Where does its power come from?

5 – Are powerlines in your country aboveground or underground?

6 – What sort of things get caught in powerlines?

7 – Have you ever been in a blackout with no electricity? What did you do?

8 – Would you prefer to have no electricity or no water?

9 – How is most of the electricity in your home country produced?

10 – Do you ever try to save electricity at home? How do you do this?

11 – How many kinds of green energy can you think of?

12 – Have you ever had an electric shock? What happened?

13 – What would the world be like if there was no electricity at night?

14 – What should you never do in a lightning storm?

15 – What things do you own that require batteries? Do you use rechargeable ones?

16 – Would you like to work as an electrician? Why or why not?

17 – What electrical appliances are in your kitchen and living room?

18 – Have you ever made an electrical science project? What did you make?

19 – What should children be taught about electricity? What dangers are in homes?

20 – Have you ever replaced an electrical fuse? What was it for?

21 – What do you think life was like in times before electricity?

22 – Do you worry about living too close to powerlines or power plants? Why?

23 – How do you think world electricity will be different in 50 years from now?

24 – Do you know of any famous inventors who created electrical devices? Who?

25 – Is being an electrician a good job in your country? How much do electricians get paid?

San Fransico using a lot of electricity at night
Electricity idioms

If a person is said to be a live wire, they are very active and energetic – both mentally and physically.

A person or organization that has a lot of power or strength can be described as a powerhouse.

A person who experiences culture shock feels uncomfortable, anxious, and confused in a new environment. This is usually experienced in a new country.

If you get zapped or zap someone you receive or give an electrical shock. If you feel zapped, you are exhausted.

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