25 housing conversation questions

25 housing conversation questions

Housing conversation questions

This discussion activity about places and buildings people live in is best suited for intermediate-level ESL learners and above. You can use these housing conversation questions to find out where your students live, what they like and dislike about their dwellings, and more.

The most challenging terms in this speaking activity include – homeless, luxurious, material, rent, style, government, regulations, bars, security, cabin, green housing, certain, construction, shared, consider, and apart.


The housing conversation questions are –


1 – How many different kinds of housing can you name in 30 seconds?

2 – What kind of housing do you live in now? Would you like to change housing?

3 – Would you say that the area that you live in has rich or poor housing?

4 – Is there free housing for poor and homeless people in your country? What’s it like?

5 – What city or area in your country has the most expensive and luxurious housing?

6 – Is housing where you live expensive? How much does one month of rent cost?

7 – What do you think is the best material to build a house or home out of? Why?

8 – Where do you think is the best place to have a house, in the city or the countryside?

9 – What kind of housing does your best friend live in? Do you prefer yours or theirs?

10 – Does housing in your hometown have a special style? Can you describe it?

11 – Which country do you think has the most interesting kind of housing? Why?

12 – Are there a lot of government regulations and laws about housing where you live?

13 – Does housing in your area have bars on the windows or security cameras?

14 – Do you think you could live in a tent or a cabin in the woods? Why or why not?

15 – Is it easy for young people to buy a house or apartment in your country?

16 – If you were an architect, what kind of housing would you like to design?

17 – Do you think there will be much green housing in the future? What will it look like?

18 – Have you stayed in some terrible housing? What was it that made it so bad?

19 – What are some reasons why you would not want to live in a certain building?

20 – Is the building and construction of housing high-quality in your country?

21 – Have you ever tried shared housing? Who did you live with and what was it like?

22 – Where would you go if you had nowhere to sleep and no friends to help you?

23 – When looking for new housing what are some important things to consider?

24 – Is the housing where you live built very close together or far apart? Why is this so?

25 – What kinds of weather conditions is housing built for in your home country?

luxury beach housing

Housing idioms and expressions

Once you have completed the housing conversation questions you can introduce and discuss these interesting expressions.

To say that something is as safe as houses means to say that it is very safe, secure, and protected well.

The big house is another term for prison or jail.

A house of cards is something that has no solid foundation and can easily fail or be destroyed.

If the drinks are on the house, they are free. This expression is most often used in bars, clubs, and restaurants.

To eat somebody out of house and home means to visit and eat a large amount, or too much of their food.

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