global warming vocabulary worksheet pdf

Global warming vocabulary worksheet pdfs

Global warming vocabulary worksheet pdfs

A collection of free worksheets on the topics of global warming and climate change. Each worksheet is unique with different artwork and vocabulary. Have a look at all of them to find the most suitable handout for your lesson.

After completing one or more of these activities consider using the global warming conversation questions for a discussion activity.

The answers for the first handout above are –

1 Drought, 2 Rising Ocean, 3 Hurricane, 4 Melting Ice

5 Landslide, 6 Forest Fire, 7 Flood, 8 Recycling Bins

9 Melting Glacier, 10 Iceberg, 11 Air Pollution, 12 Deforestation

13 Polar Bear, 14 Recycled Bags, 15 Volcano, 16 Extreme Weather

Global warming vocabulary worksheet 2

The answers for this worksheet are –

1 North Pole, 2 Greenhouse Effect, 3 Clean Energy

4 Factory, 5 Planting, 6 Walrus, 7 Fossil Fuels

8 Green Product, 9 Rising Temperature

10 Recycled Product, 11 Exhaust Fumes

12 Smart Home, 13 Electric Car, 14 Think Green

15 Clean Transport, 16 Seal


Climate change vocabulary worksheet

The answers for this Climate change matching activity are –

1 Rising Seas, 2 Storms, 3 Water Well, 4 Penguin

5 Oil, 6 Desert, 7 Traffic, 8 Carbon Dioxide

9 Melting Ice, 10 Water Pollution, 11 Earth, 12 Temperature

13 Dying Trees, 14 Drought, 15 Plant Oil, 16 Flood

Further activity

Once your students have completed a vocabulary worksheet, get them to practice using the words. This can be done as either a writing, speaking activity, or both.

A good way to do this is to get the students to make a sentence using each new word. The sentence can simply be the definition of the word or a sentence on how the word is related to global warming/climate change.

For example, a sentence for polar bear might be – A polar bear is a big white animal that lives in the Arctic. Or for Iceberg a sentence might be – Because of rising temperatures on the Earth, icebergs are melting.

This way students practise using the words, forming grammatically correct sentences and also pronunciation when reading them aloud.

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