global warming conversation questions for ESL

25 global warming conversation questions

Global warming conversation questions

Climate change is a hot topic in the modern world and your students will no doubt have some opinions on the matter. Before starting this discussion activity, go over these challenging words and phrases – concern, contribute, impact, ocean levels, carbon footprint, reduce, raise, industry, deforestation, combat, diet, practices (noun), severe, replant, and positive.

A good idea to introduce this theme is to use one of the global warming vocabulary worksheets.

The global warming conversation questions are –

What are some of the causes of global warming?

Do you think global warming is caused by humans or is it a natural thing?

How is the earth changing as it gets hotter?

What concerns you most about global warming?

Do you know what the greenhouse effect is? Can you describe it?

Which human actions contribute most to climate change?

What impact will global warming have on your home country?

Which country in the world do you think contributes the most to global warming?

What will the world be like if ocean levels rise by 20 metres?

Do you ever think about your carbon footprint? How can you make it smaller?

Which countries will be most affected by global warming?

What are 3 things everybody can do to help reduce global warming?

Do you it will help if governments raise taxes on certain industries? Which ones?

Is deforestation a problem in your country? Why does it happen?

Does the government in your country have any plans to combat global warming?

How can people change their diet to combat climate change?

What farming practices can be changed to help the earth? How?

If the earth’s sea levels rose by 50 meters, where would be the best place to live?

What kinds of severe weather will increase due to climate change?

What do you think the world will be like 100 years from now?

What animals will be affected by global warming?

Are there any efforts to protect and replant forests in your country?

Are there any positives about global warming? What are they?

What things do you think will become more expensive due to climate change?

A melting iceberg due to global warming
Global warming related idioms

A drop in the ocean is a very small amount of something compared to how much is needed. It is so small it has little or no effect.

A person who is described as down to earth is simple, practical, friendly, and straightforward.

If you go through a dry spell you have less success at something than you usually do for an extended period of time.

If you can find something you might say where on earth is it? It can also be said as where on God’s green earth is it?

If something is the tip of the iceberg it is just a small part of something much bigger than you cannot yet see or understand.

a burning rainforest fire
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