first conditional pair work activity for ESL

First conditional pair work activity

First conditional pair work activity for ESL

An ESL first conditional speaking activity that also involves listening, and a little writing. Note that tou will need both worksheets for this activity to work.

To conduct this exercise have your students sit opposite each other or in a way that they cannot see each other’s handout. Student A should read an if clause, while student B should listen, choose the correct main clause to finish the sentence, and read that to Student A. Student A, should then write that answer on their worksheet.

If your students have poor pronunciation or listening skills, make sure they know how to ask each other to repeat the answers and ask how words are spelt.

This activity is quite easy, but if you think your students may not know some of the vocabularies be sure to go over any new words beforehand.

first conditional pair work activity for English.
First conditional pair work answers

Student A’s completed handout should contain this sentences –

If he eats all that cake, he will feel sick.
If the dog eats his homework, his teacher will be angry.
if there is a storm tomorrow, we won’t go to the beach.
If you play with a tiger, it may try to bite you.
If they go camping, they will make a big fire.
If she wins lots of money, she will travel the world.
If you ride too fast, you will crash and hurt yourself.
If he doesn’t turn on the fan, he will feel very hot.
If they go to the cinema, they will eat popcorn.

Student B’s worksheet should read as follows –

If he loses his keys, he won’t be able to open the door.
If the cat sees that bird, it will try to catch it.
If the weather is hot, I will wear shorts and a t-shirt.
If you buy a new phone, you won’t need your old one.
If they catch lots of fish, we will eat fish for dinner.
If she stays up late, she will get up late.
If you move to that city, you will make some new friends.
If he wants to be happy, he will get a new job.
If they visit the zoo, they will feed the monkeys.


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