25 happiness conversation questions

25 happiness conversation questions

Happiness conversation questions

Here is a discussion worksheet about happiness, something that is important to all of us. This speaking activity is suitable for pre-intermediate level learners and above.

The most challenging terms on the worksheet include – single, cheer up, affect, suit (verb), spend, miserable, achieve, compared, and forever.

The happiness conversation questions are –

What does happiness mean to you? When do you feel happiest?

What things could you change in your life to bring more happiness?

Can you describe one of the happiest times of your life?

Do you like to make other people happy? How do you do this?

Who is the happiest person you know? Why are they so happy?

Would you say that you are a happy person? Why or why not?

Which do you think are happier, single people or married people?

Do you think most people in your home country are happy?

What do you think is the happiest country in the world? Why do you think so?

How do you try to cheer yourself up when you feel unhappy?

What do you think makes animals happy? How could you make a dog happy?

Do you think that people get happier as they get older?

What is something that made you smile or laugh today?

Does the weather affect your happiness? What weather suits you the best?

Do you think that poor people can be happy? Are all rich people happy?

What makes you happier, spending money or saving money?

What can you do this weekend that will make you feel happy?

How can you help a friend who is feeling miserable?

What happy things do you do with your family members?

Where is a place that makes you feel happy when you are there?

Have you set any goals in life? Do you think achieving them will make you happy?

Were you happier as a child compared to now? Why do you think so?

What could you buy to feel happier? Would this happiness last forever?

Do your friends and family have the same idea of happiness as you?

a happy woman with cattle
Happy idioms

Here are some happy idioms to share with your students after you have discussed the happiness conversation questions.

A happy-go-lucky person seems to always be happy no matter what is happening in life.

A trigger happy person is keen to pull the trigger on a gun and shoot something as soon as possible. This idiom can also be used to describe a person who will do something with only a little provocation.

Happy hour is a time, usually in the early evening when restaurants and bars sell cheap food and drinks.

There are also many similes in English to say that you are very happy such as – happy as a clam, happy as a lark, happy as a pig in muck, happy as a sandboy, and happy as Larry.



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