insects vocabulary matching worksheet for ESL

Insects vocabulary matching worksheets

Hard insects vocabulary matching worksheet

The first handout above is quite challenging for ESL learners. There are 16 common insects to match. Students should write the correct insect name under each picture. For beginners, this works well as a homework assignment or a research project.

This is a great activity to do before using the insects conversation questions.

It should be noted that these worksheets contain animals that are not actually insects although they are often referred to as such. To be clear, spiders and scorpions are arachnids and centipedes are really arthropods. You may want to mention this in your classes.

The answers for the first handout, from left to right going down the page are – dragonfly, centipede, grasshopper, termite, butterfly, cockroach, mosquito, wasp, ant, moth, bee, stick insect, ladybug or ladybird, stag beetle, fly, and cricket.

Easy insect vocabulary matching worksheet

An easy handout for beginners. These 9 bugs are among the most common and are a good starting point for new ESL learners.

The answers here are – Butterfly, ant, grasshopper, bee, dragonfly, spider (arachnid), ladybug, scorpion (arachnid), and fly.

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If you are looking for more insect resources for teaching, check out the free printable insects flashcards. These cards feature 24 different insects with insect names and beautiful pictures.

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