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Big list of things that come in pairs

List of things that come in pairs

Here is another interesting list, this time about things that come in twos or pairs. So far there are 66 pairs on this list, more will be added later if I can think of any!

Pairs are words in the English language that refer to two things that come together. Sometimes they can be just 1 item, while at others they are two separate things that always come together.

Grammatically, pairs come in the plural form and have the letter S at the end of their names. If we look at the word “sock”, it refers to a single item. The word “socks” however refers to a pair of them which is how they usually come (unless they’ve been through a washing machine!).

The lists below have been broken into 2. The first list is for singular objects that are never separated. The second list is for things that can be singular but pretty much always come in pairs.

English learners reading this article can note that the word “some” can also be used to replace “a pair of”. A native English speaker might say – “I am going to buy some shoes” instead of “I am going to buy a pair of shoes”. Both forms are correct.

On occasions “a couple of ” is also used (couple means two). This is only used for pairs of things that come as two separate items such as chopsticks or earplugs.

things that come in pairs

List of things that come in pairs as 1 item

These items are all one thing and generally are never broken into two

a pair of scissors

a pair of binoculars

a pair of clippers

a pair of forceps

a pair of glasses

a pair of goggles

a pair of handcuffs

a pair of handlebars

a pair of headphones

a pair of jeans

a pair of nunchucks

a pair of pants/trousers

a pair of pliers

a pair of shears

a pair of shorts

a pair of sunglasses

a pair of swimming trunks

a pair of tights

a pair of tongs

a pair of tweezers

a pair of underwear

things that come in pairs image 2

List of things that come in pairs as 2 items

These pairs of things come as two separate things and are typically not joined together.

a pair of mittens

a pair of ears

a pair of antlers

a pair of bookends

a pair of boots

a pair of chopsticks

a pair of contact lenses

a pair of crutches

a pair of cuff links

a pair of curtains

a pair of dice

a pair of drumsticks

a pair of dumbells

a pair of earplugs

a pair of earplugs

a pair of earrings

a pair of eyelashes

a pair of eyes

a pair of feet

a pair of filppers/fins

a pair of gloves

a pair of headlights

a pair of homophones

a pair of horns

a pair of kidneys

a pair of kneepads

a pair of knitting needles

a pair of lips

a pair of lovebirds

a pair of lungs

a pair of maracas

a pair of mittens

a pair of rackets

a pair of salt and pepper shakers

a pair of shoe laces

a pair of shoes

a pair of skates

a pair of skis

a pair of slippers

a pair of socks

a pair of speakers

a pair of stockings

a pair of suspenders

a pair of tongs

a pair of twins

a pair of windshield/windscreen wipers

a pair of wings

Ideas for using the list

For teachers, these things that come in pairs can be used in a few ways. Here are some ideas –

Put students in small groups and see how many of the pairs on the list they can come up with in a set period of time. You can make it a competition with the team with the most correct answers being the winner.

Another good way to go over this vocabulary is to play the game Pictionary. Students are to come to the board and draw the objects for the rest of the class to guess.

Also, the things that go together cards make for an interesting matching game or puzzle. It is a slightly different topic but in the same vein.

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