25 artificial intelligence conversation questions

25 artificial intelligence conversation questions

Artificial intelligence conversation questions

AI is becoming more and more involved in people’s daily lives. It is rapidly progressing and looks to be an integral part of our future whether we like it or not. These artificial intelligence discussion questions are just what you need to find out people’s thoughts on the subject and have a good conversation about it.

This is an advanced conversation activity that is only suitable for high-level ESL learners. The most challenging terms in the speaking exercise include – replace, creatively, make use of, fear, task, develop, self-driving, industry, society, morals, concern, traditional, emotional relationship, virtual assistant, deepfake, and maintain.


The artificial intelligence conversation questions are –


How do you feel about artificial intelligence? Will it be a good thing in the future?

What kinds of jobs do you see AI replacing? What jobs do you think it could create?

Are you worried about artificial intelligence becoming smarter than humans?

Do you think that one day AI will be able to think creatively? What would this mean?

What do you think of art made with artificial intelligence? Is it a good or bad thing?

Have you ever made use of Artificial intelligence? What have you used it for?

What do you fear AI could become or do in the future? When could this happen?

What kinds of boring tasks do you hope that AI will be able to do for you one day?

How would you describe artificial intelligence in one simple sentence?

Which countries do you believe are developing the most advanced AI technology?

How do you feel about self-driving cars? Would you get into a plane controlled by AI?

What kinds of things do you believe artificial intelligence will never be able to do?

What are some industries or areas of society where AI should never be used?

How can artificial intelligence be taught morals of what is right and what is wrong?

In what ways do you think AI will change wars in the future? Does this concern you?

How do you think AI will change education and the traditional classroom?

Would you let a robot with artificial intelligence babysit your children? Why/why not?

Do you think in the future people will have emotional relationships with AI?

What would you say is the difference between robots and artificial intelligence?

Do you enjoy interacting with chatbots and virtual assistants? Are they helpful?

What is something interesting that AI can help us learn about and understand more?

Have you ever seen a deepfake created by AI? How believable was it?

How can governments maintain control of artificial intelligence as it advances?

How can we trust AI and believe that the information that it gives us is correct?

a picture showing artificial intelligence

Follow-up activities

Here are a few ideas you can try as follow-up activities once you have completed the artificial intelligence conversation questions.

Writing – As this is an advanced topic, your students should be quite able to write in a proficient manner. Get them to choose one of the questions above and write about it in detail.

Debate – AI makes for a fantastic debate topic. Divide your class into 2 groups (or several more if it is a large class). And pit them against each other to debate a controversial question about artificial intelligence. One group should be for an idea and the other group against it (Yes and no).

You can use the worksheet above for ideas. Some examples are “Is AI good for the human race?”, “Should AI robots replace police officers?”, “Can AI be trusted?”, and “Could AI wipe out human existence?”.

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