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54 free things that go together cards and word list

Things that go together cards

Here are 54 printable things that go together cards on 6 sheets in PDF form. There are also an answer list of things that go together, and suggested activities as well as instructions on using the cards..

These cards are a fantastic resource for language learning, print a few sets out once and you will be able to use them many times. If you have a set available they are also perfect to grab and use as a quick game, warm-up activity or time filler.

The picture cards use the very simple word association of the concept of 2 objects that match together. For example, we associate milk with a cow, stars with night, and a pen with paper. All the cards have 1 main matching card to form a pair.

The printable sheets have 9 cards each with 4 pairs and one extra card that has its match on the sheet before or after. Sheets 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 form 3 sets of 18 complete pairs. Just remember, when you print an odd number of sheets you will have 1 extra card that doesn’t have a match.


Matching the things that go together cards

There are a few different games and activities that the cards can be used for. The first and most obvious is matching/pelmanism.

Print out as many sheets as you like, cut the cards out and get your students to match the pairs that belong together. This works well as pair work or also as a small group activity.

If you print the entire set, some cards will associate with more than one other card such as – rain with cloud, and rain with sun. Students will have to find the best matches to complete the activity. If you really want to challenge your students you can cut the words off the top of the cards. This leaves only the pictures and makes it much more difficult.

To involve speaking in this activity get your class to explain why two cards match together. They could say, for example, bacon and eggs go together because they are cooked for breakfast. Or, hammer and nail belong together because they are used to build things.

Other games for the things that go together cards

Here are some other ways you can use the cards in a fun way!

  1. Turn the cards upside down and play a memory game where students turn over two at a time to try to find matching pairs.
  2. Show students groups of 3 cards  ( a matching pair and another card). Get them to identify the odd one out and explain why it is different.
  3. Play Charades or Pictionary by getting 1 student to come to the front of the class and choosing a card randomly from a shuffled deck. They must then act or draw the word in order for the rest of the class to guess what it is.
  4. Play a word association game by taking a matching pair and get your students to think of another word they can associate with the cards. Go round the class with each person taking a turn to add a new associated word.
  5. Get your students to choose several cards at random and ask them to make silly sentences with those words. This is great for learning how to construct grammatically correct sentences.
  6. Speed reading- see how many words on the cards a student can pronounce correctly in a time limit of 30 seconds.
  7. Rhyming. Get your students to think of words that rhyme with each card. You can also find a lot of rhyming cards and activities on the pronunciation archive pages.
List of things that go together cards answers

The objects that match together on the cards are as follows –

Sheets 1 and 2 – leaf and tree, cow and milk, flower and bee, cloud and rain, sun and hat, hand and glove, ball and goal, pen and paper, hair and brush.

Sheets 3 and 4 – dog and bone, bread and butter, table and chair, bolt and nut, key and lock, knife and fork, hammer and nail, salt and pepper, pot and stove.

Sheets 5 and 6 – bucket and spade, bacon and eggs, cup and saucer, soap and water, police and thief, engine and gas/fuel, boat and anchor, racket and ball, helmet and motorbike.

Things that go together list

Here is a list of things that go together that you may find useful to create new activities. There are so many things that you can associate with each other, I am sure you can think of plenty more to add!

Art and craft

Baby and bottle

Bacon and eggs

Basketball and net

Bat and ball

Beach and sand

Bed and pillow

Bee and honey

Bicycle and wheel

Bin and rubbish


Bird and seed

Birthday and cake

Black and white

Blackboard and chalk

Bow and arrow

Bread and butter

Bricks and mortar

Camel and desert

Camera and photograph

Car and fuel

Cat and twine

Caterpillar and butterfly

Cereal and milk

Cheese and wine

Chicken and egg

Comb and hair

Computer and mouse

Cow and milk/grass

Cowboys and Indians

Cup and saucer

Dog and bone

Dustpan and broom

Fan and wind

Fish and chips

Flora and fauna

Football and goal

Frog and pond

Goldfish and bowl

Grapes and sultanas

Gum trees and koalas

Guns and bullets

Hair and brush

Hamburger and fries

Hammer and nail

Hand and glove

Hat and head

Home and garden

Horse and cart

Hug and kiss

Husband and wife

Ice cream and cone

Judge and jury

Key and lock

King and queen

Knife and fork

Ladies and gentlemen

Lamp and bulb

Law and order

Leaf and tree

Lemon and lime

Letter and stamp

Library and books

Lilly and pond

Macaroni and cheese

Milk and cookies

Monkey and banana

Moon and stars

Mop and bucket

Mortar and pestle

Moth and flame/light

Mother and father

Motorbike and helmet

Mouse and cheese

Movie and popcorn

Needle and thread

Nuts and bolts

Paint and brush

Pan and stove

Park and picnic

Peanut butter and jelly

Pen and paper

Penguin and ice

Pig and mud

Pirate and treasure

Plane and Sky

Police and thief

Pots and pans

Prince and princess

Rabbit and carrot

Rain and umbrella/cloud

Rake and leaves

Reading and glasses

Ring and finger

Rocket and astronaut

Salt and Pepper

Shampoo and conditioner

Ship and anchor, ocean

Shoes and socks, foot

Skull and crossbones

Smoke and fire

Soap and water

Song and dance

Spade and bucket

Spaghetti and meatballs

Spider and web

Spoon and soup

Stapler and staples

Stars and night

Sun and hat

Sweet and sour

Swing and slide

Table and chair

Tap and sink

Thunder and lightning

Toothbrush and tooth, toothpaste

TV and remote

Vase and flowers

Waves and sea

Whiteboard and marker

Wind and kite

Yin and Yang

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