printable minecraft animal coloring pages

12 free printable Minecraft animal coloring pages

Minecraft animal coloring pages

The computer game Minecraft has become a worldwide sensation amongst children and teenagers. You can use these free Minecraft animal coloring pages to supplement any classes about nature or as a fun extracurricular activity.

There are 12 different animals that you can download and print as PDF pages. The Minecraft-style animal pictures include a bear, bird, chicken, cow, duck, elephant,  hippo monkey, pig, rhino shark, and whale.

While the drawings are not exact replicas of those on the game, they are very similar with the same boxy square and rectangular style, The names of each animal have also been provided at the top of the sheets to help younger kids and ESL learners take in new vocabulary and spelling.

How to use the Minecraft animal coloring pages

These coloring sheets are a little different in that they are designed for shading. This is something you can use to teach light, dark, and more advanced colors to children.

Let’s use the first sheet as an example. Notice diagonal lines running through the squares and rectangles? Instead of coloring the bear completely brown, get your students to color the triangles differently. Use brown on one triangle then light brown and dark brown on the shapes on either side of it. Ask students to try adding some gray colors or even black.

Students can of course use any colors they want and use the shapes to make rainbow animals. This is just simple coloring advice that can be ignored completely, the main thing is to have fun and learn about a new animal!

More Minecraft

While creating these materials I stumbled across something that looks very interesting. There is an educational edition of Minecraft with loads of topics, ideas, PowerPoint slides, and more that you will find here –

I am in no way affiliated with this product and have in fact not even tested it yet. It does however look very cool and I plan on using giving it a shot in the near future. I’m sure many students will love learning with Minecraft in the classroom.

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