25 mosquito conversation questions

25 mosquito conversation questions

Mosquito conversation questions

A free downloadable discussion worksheet on the annoying critter that is the mosquito.

Challenging words on this handout include – treatment, itchy, get rid of, flyscreen, breed (verb), climate, prey, ecosystem, herbal remedy, and repellent.

The mosquito conversation questions are –

What do you do when you see a mosquito on your body?

Have mosquitos ever kept you awake at night? What did you do?

What is a good treatment for itchy mosquito bites?

Are there many mosquitos where you live?

How do you get rid of mosquitos when there are a lot around?

Does your home have flyscreens on the windows?

What kind of environments and climates do mosquitos like to live in?

Where do mosquitos breed?

What kind of viruses and illnesses do mosquitos spread?

Have you or anyone in your family ever been ill because of a mosquito bite?

What kinds of animals prey on mosquitos?

Why do you think mosquitos prefer to bite some people more than others?

Do you think mosquitos play an important role in ecosystems? What is it?

Which areas in your country have the most mosquitos?

Do you know any herbal remedies to prevent or treat mosquito bites?

What kinds of things don’t mosquitos like?

Have you ever slept with a mosquito net over your bed? Where were you?

If you were a mosquito, who would you bite?

What sound does a mosquito make when it flies?

Do you prefer spray on mosquito repellent or a cream? What brand do you use?

How long do you think a mosquito lives for?

Besides humans, what other creatures do mosquitos suck blood from?

Have you ever spent a night outdoors with lots of mosquitos? How was it?

Are there any insects that you dislike more than mosquitos? What are they?


a burning mosquito coil for repelling inscets
Interesting mosquito facts

Here is some mosquito knowledge you may want to share with your class –

Only female mosquitos bite and drink blood, the males feed off plants.

Mosquitos breed next to or in water and can lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

The lifespan of an adult mosquito is around 2 months.

Mosquito flap their wings around 100 times each second when they fly.

Mosquitos can live from only 2 weeks to as long as 6 months.


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