geographic landscapes worksheet for ESL

Free geographic landscapes worksheets

Geographic landscapes worksheet

These handouts are great for classes relating to geography and the outdoors.

This first handout has 12 kinds of landforms for students to match. The answers are –

Lake – Volcano – Glacier

Hills – Desert – Waterfall

Mountains – Plains – Island

Ocean – Canyon – River

Free landscapes vocabulary worksheet 2

This free PDF is more advanced than the first and has 20 words to match with their pictures. The answers are –

Lighthouse – Cave – Road – Beach – Savannah

Jungle – Island – Cliff – Volcano – Meadow

Waterfall – Farm – Sand Dunes – Icebergs – Mountains

Pier – Marsh – Reef – Woodland – Bridge

Further Activities For ESL Conversation

To get your students talking about the outdoors consider using one of the related discussion worksheets such as the camping conversation questions, the hiking conversation worksheet, or the desert island conversation questions.

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