fashion conversation questions for ESL

25 fashion conversation questions

Fashion conversation questions

This printable discussion worksheet is all about fashion and style. Great for older students and it’s usually funny to see what things they all find trendy.

There are a few hard words on this handout so before starting the speaking activity make sure your class are familiar with these terms  – designer clothing, style, trend, fashionable, sense of sth, material, fabric, confident, accessories, and regret.

The fashion conversation questions are –

What country do you think has the best fashion? Why do you think so?

Have you ever bought any designer clothes? Would you like to?

What is the worst style or trend you know of? When and where was it?

In which season do you prefer to dress, winter or summer?

What is fashionable now where you live? Do you like this style?

Do your parents have a good sense of fashion? What do they wear?

Which famous celebrity’s fashion do you admire most? What about the least?

What colours do you think look best on you?

Can you describe the kind of clothing that you wear to work or school?

If you were very rich, how would you dress differently?

What kind of materials and fabrics do you like to wear?

Do you think you would be confident enough to model on a catwalk?

What is your favourite outfit? How often do you wear it?

How long does it take you to get dressed and ready to go out each day?

Who are the best and worst dressed people you know? Why do you say so?

What is something that you would never wear in public?

In what ways was the fashion in your home country different 50 years ago?

What do you think of the fashion industry? Would you like to work in it?

How much money do you spend on shoes? How many pairs do you own?

What kind of jewellery or accessories do you wear? What do you want to buy?

How would you dress for a romantic date? How would you dress for a wedding?

What is most important for you when you buy clothes, comfort or style?

How often do you change your hairstyle? Have you ever regretted cutting it?

What past era do you think had the coolest fashion?

fashions models in a gold room
Fashion idioms

Here are some interesting fashion-related phrases to use for further discussion in your class –

A person who is dressed to kill is wearing clothing that makes them look extremely stylish and attractive.

If you are wearing your birthday suit you have no clothing on at all!

A white-collar job is usually in an office environment. A blue-collar job generally involves manual labour.


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