ph digraph words

Free ph digraph words with pictures

Ph digraph words

A digraph is a combination of two letters that make a single sound. These ph digraph words make the /f/ sound. It is a consonant digraph because the letters it uses are both consonants.

Digraphs are most commonly used for young learners and speech therapy but they are equally useful for teaching ESL students. By practicing digraphs, not only do learners improve their pronunciation they gain new vocabulary as they do so.

On this page, there are 3 free printable PDF pages of ph digraph word and pictures cards with a total of 24 flashcards. They can be used in all sorts of teaching activities and games as well as simple rote learning.

The words included in the ph words flashcards are –

PDF 1 – elephant, phone, alphabet, dolphin, trophy, sphere, phoenix, and sphinx.

PDF 2 – pheasant, graph, headphones, photograph, typhoon, xylophone, pharaoh, and sapphire.

PDF 3 – saxophone, microphone, gopher, phantom, pharmacy, aphid, geography, and pamphlet.

Ph digraph words list

Here is a short list of ph words that includes some more challenging vocabulary. This is useful for creating further activities suitable for older or more advanced learners.

alphabet amphibian aphid apostrophe
asphalt atmosphere autograph biography
biosphere calligraphy cartography cellophane
cipher digraph dolphin earphone
elephant emphasis euphoria geography
gopher gramophone graph graphite
headphone holograph hyphen megaphone
metaphor microphone nephew orphan
pamphlet paragraph phantom pharaoh
pharmacist pharmacy phase pheasant
phew phlegm phobia phoenix
phone phoneme phoney phonics
photo photograph phrase physical
prophet radiograph sapphire saxophone
sphere sphinx sulphur symphony
syphon telegraph telephone triumph
trophy typhoon xylophone zephyr

Fun practice sentences with ph digraph words

Here are some silly sentences that you can use to practice the ph digraph with slightly older students.

My nephew found a pheasant at the pharmacy.

An elephant on asphalt with headphones.

The pharaoh had a sphinx phobia.

A symphony of saxophones, xylophones, and megaphones.

A phoney phantom photo pamphlet.

Related activities

If you are looking for more resources to practice the /f/ sound/phoneme, you may enjoy the F tongue twisters. Note that these are for late elementary school learners and above.

There are also the TH and F minimal pairs, that also have picture and word flashcards to be used in teaching games.

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